• Tell me about it. Then again the arrogance they indulge in is so vast it makes the pacific ocean seem like a playground puddle. These people are perfect examples of sociopaths. They lie consistently, have little to no guilt or remorse for the damages and deaths they cause, show little empathy for those who are different than them, put their needs and their desires for gain above that of life, they have a hard time holding stable relationships with rational people, etc. In psychology we see that abusers often state that there is only one correct way to living life and that is their way. These people are nothing more than vile, abusive troglodytes who are the ones that truly need psychological and psychiatric treatment to cure them of their disease of willful ignorance and delusions of grandeur.

  • This is concerning the logic,or lack there of, in the first newspaper quote. The idea around this idiot version of logic is this: Because one tiny group of people of the population want to get married but cant, lets remove the 1138 federal rights to marriage for the other 90-95% of people as well who are married, or want to get married in the future. Then at least the system is fair…

    Yes, what wonderful logic… this is why we are a representative democracy, because with this level of idiocy we would have absolute anarchy. Lets remove the institution of marriage completely rather than integrate another population into it. Do these idiots not realize how much money, and time,this will waste and be charged to our tax dollars, not to mention the unrest that will occur because of this?

    I keep hearing this ridiculous logic from people who should know better. When you have a system that is broken because it excludes something it should, you fix it by including, not removing the system entirely.

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    What really pisses me off, is that after reading more into this, the Jury all agreed that this “was not” a hate crime. WAS NOT A HATE CRIME! King was killed because he was gay and/or transgender. He was killed because of an immutable difference guaranteed protection and justice under the California state law. It just goes to show even hate crime legislation is an absolute failure too, so long as your fate is in the hands of the “mor(on)al majority.”