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  • You state: The good news for Democrats is that some Americans are actually feeling the intended benefit of the law; the political problem is the number of people is still small and probably not going to grow much larger. The law was only meant to really impact a modest share of the population.

    This is exactly the LIE that enabled this monstrous law get passed. Anybody remember, “if you like your plan you can keep your plan”? Lies, all lies. The law affects everybody in the United States. So, let’s not say anymore lies, ok? Millions of people have been hurt by Obamacare. MILLIONS. And it’s only going to get worse as even more draconian portions of the law kick in like the 40% penalty on normal coverage, now called “platinum plans”.

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    Well, it’s not only that the website doesn’t work, the other problem is somebody can’t speak spanish worth a darn. CuidadodeSalud means Careful/Wary of Health. You can’t make this stuff up apparently.

    Shoulda been But you know Obama and his team. Never reach out to anybody who might set you straight. I already forgot the name of the english website. What’s the point. Useless is just another word.

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    No, your post is total bs or you are just uninformed. Everybody is being advised by the insurance companies that because of ACA, they all have to have Obamacare compliant plans effective 2014, so he won’t be able to keep his plan even if he wants to.

  • The reason they want to pass a law to make you marry in a church is … MONEY! i.e. the church doesn’t make any if you get married at the beach or your home rather than at a church which you have to rent.

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    Yes. Bi-partisan means they both get to “fu&k you” and collude together behind closed doors or over martinis, to do so.

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    Winning an election, no matter which party you represent, does not give you license to screw the taxpayers and discount what they want and try to shove unpopular measures and programs down peoples throats. That’s not democracy. Scott Walker hardly deserves acclaim for his actions, many of which are against the Wisconsin constitution, such as shutting access to the capitol, which belongs to the people, not to an elected official. He’s acting like a tyrant. Tyrants deserve to be resisted.

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