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  • Wow..this sounds like it’s right out of some post-history apocalypse novel where Al Capone is hired to knock off some Las Vegas crime syndicate who’s muscling in on the Bloods and Crypts who are at war with aryan nation fighting the NOPD at war with everyone, but we need them all to keep American safe from organized crime. :/

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    I wonder, if it turns unto state sponsored violence such as bullets flying how many will fight back. Nobody wants this to happen, but when push comes to shove someone has to fight back, but who? Will hundreds of thousands pour into the streets in protest or will people meekly file back into their homes [...]

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    Remember.. You can’t sue the state without the states permission so they say, OK, but we can only pay you a pittance and the msm won’t cover it except a minor police blotter report on page 93 of a 92 page newspaper.

  • Keep in mind you’re going up against a global Goliath with trillions of dollars who isn’t about to just give those trillions up without a BIG fight and they’re greedy mokos and dangerous to boot. If anyone thinks they would remotely hesitate to unleash a real shitstorm if threatened is dreaming. They live like kings and truly believe they are in fact kings and they have an army dressed in NYPD uniforms.

  • I wish I wasn’t old and crippled up.. and 1000 miles away with an elderly woman to take care of..
    Life’s gonna suck when you grow up…no truer words spoken..

  • Well, if everyone IS arrested and ordered out the worse they can do is hold you for a few hours, maybe a day or two then release you..Most likely just write a ticket then release, but you can go right back and start all over..

  • One of the best things you could do now is to get copies of NYC ordinances regarding assemblies, etc and pass them out to everyone so everyone is armed with the law and not just what you think the law should be. Even Bush’s Rummy said, “We work with the rules we have, not the rules we wish we had.”
    Use the law to your advantage instead of letting the NYPD and the Wall St army of lawyers undermine you at every step before you take them.
    The right wingers will undermine you in every way they can imagine. Don’t allow them to.

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    I guess dropping by once a year and buying a kid a happy meal is sufficient to qualify as child support these days.

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    Its not just rich white guys who go unpunished.. Both of my sisters, all my nieces and all three of my daughters and one granddaughter all seem to have problems hanging on to responsible men and fathers and what’s the common thread? They’re all low income single mothers. The fathers, or should I call them [...]

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    Go to the doctor sooner? That sounds vaguely unAmerican.. come to think of it just going to the doctor anymore sounds vaguely unAmerican..

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    I keep the emergency kit of me ready to complain and bitch about my rotten luck.. As a kid my mother had made a “kit” of stored food and so on and then one day storms knocked out all the electric then things began to flood. By the time she opened the ‘kit’ all the food had gone bad, batteries were dead and the flooding stopped just at the door stoop..minor affair, but I have ridden out a tornado under a bridge as a young man.. That was scary as hell.
    I wanted my folks to build a bomb shelter, but they said if nuclear war breaks out there won’t be much left to rebuild.. All these years later I concur. I’ve decided if nuclear war breaks out all over the world I’m taking my handy lawn chair out to go watch the fireworks show before I’m vaporized.

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    A leak very 7 years? Well in that time they can just begin cleaning up the last leak then IF they ever begin in the first place.. Why not just run the pipeline through lake Michigan and we can just “skim” the pollution off the top?

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    You know what the worse part is…If Obama loses in 2012 we’ll have it 20 times worse under the rubes.. Now THATS scary..

  • Nice to now the banks were much worse off than we ever suspected.. So they gambled at LasVegas and won.. That just proves betting on 3 black is a sound investment…Right Ben?

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    Maybe we should all vote TP and Tricky Ricky or Michelle our they’ll crash everything once and for all and then we can be done with the silly bastards once they toss us into global depression

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    Good post CS.. Something else to consider is because jails are kept a nice toasty 62 degrees to “keep down on germs” make sure you’re wearing WHITE long johns and a WHITE thermal shirt even if it’s 100 degrees out there and you’re sweating like a pig.. Once inside you’ll want to wrap toilet paper [...]

  • Living in Irving the water already tastes like pissed in swimming pool water. Nobody drinks this toxic sludge and it’s why grocery stores sell massive amounts of bottled swill and piss for mass profit after of course running it through the corporate Britta filter once. Never mind the millions upon millions of empty plastic bottles which someday will be mandatory to recycle at your own expense.

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    Progressives need to do something and to consolidate ideas for one single minded purpose.. Defeat and destruction of the right wing machine.. Forget all our ideological agenda driven ideas of saving every tree or saving every abortion right and so on, but concentrate on the complete and utter destruction of the corporate slave machine. Unless [...]

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    die spammer die..

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    I happen to agree with you Eric.
    It can be put in simpler terms too. In the US, especially the left is far to fragmented with to many people chasing down stupid shit that right now is unimportant in the bigger picture of things.
    I don’t want Dumocrat billionaires running the show telling me I need to worry about some obscure environmental issue yet at the very same time courting Wall St and the banksters so they can pollute at will and cut down every fucking tree for 600 miles to carve up every hill for every speck of coal or gas under it so we’re driven in 40 different directions and can never hold power because we’re like herding butterflies in a hurricane.
    If the left wants power the left needs to stop bickering over all the little shit like this right, that right, every species on the planet, abortions, guns, war and so on and start concentrating on one issue.. Kick the shitheads out of power…period and THEN begin working on the other issues once they’ve been soundly defeated once and for all.
    After WWII the left held the congress with an iron fist but lost sight of it and everyone fragmented then a whole lot of people post 70s ran off to get rich then said, “Fuck everyone else..I got mine” and we continually allow the right wing to drive wedge issues between us and what happens? Unions broken up, a blue state here and there, half the people worrying about silly issues that will go absolutely nowhere if we don’t get the power back with the iron grip we once had.

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