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    I’m from NJ and I can tell you this is very much the reason why Menendez is having a hard time getting above 50% and may be defeated for re-election this November. He is a patsy for Big PhRMA and betrays his constituents on legislation like this that could make the difference between life and death for some of them. I am a disabled retired teacher, and I am currently taking nearly a dozen meds every day, twice a day. Some of them are helping me greatly, but the cost is killing me. Pradaxa, Nycenta, Lyrica, and Cymbalta are great drugs, but each of them costs me hundreds of dollars for a 60 day supply, and there are no generics available yet. I have been on so many drugs which my doctors have tried out on me, many of which fail to work for me, thus I end up having to take the very expensive “new” drugs. I wonder how much these drugs would cost if I could buy them from Canada or Mexico. I’m sure they would be much, much less.

    On my meagre retirement pension ($25,000/yr), I can assure you I’m not on a cadillac pension, and my fixed income can ill afford the ever-increasing costs of the medicines I need to just function and stay alive. Senator Menendez is no friend of mine, that is for sure. I will not forget that when it comes time to vote…

  • Having just read their book, “It’s Worse Than You Think,” it is clear that their premise — it is time for the media to stop the false equivalency BS and start calling out the Republicans for being the ones who are destroying our democracy — is perhaps one of the best and most scarey things I have read lately. Unfortunately, the media prefers to do the he said/she said routine and will NEVER put the blame where it really belongs. They aren’t even headlining the striking comments by Colin Powell and David Stockman, both of whom took down the FAUX NEWS lies about Obama better than anything I’ve seen on TV in many, many years. Sweet stuff. Now if only they would read the book and get the message. Our democracy truly is in serious trouble and it is worse than we think…..

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    Never underestimate the ability and willingness of the fascist repubs to steal an election, especially one as signally important as this one. Waukeshau county will, once again, provide the winning margin as Kathy Nicols performs her swan song as her last official election duties. She was “monitored” during the Prosser fiasco too, to no avail. They will find a way to hold off reporting the vote totals from there until they know how many they need to steal the election. Until we learn how to stop them from their anti-democratic, immoral shenanigans, they will continue to void the will of the people to assert their own agenda with their illegally “elected” candidates.

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    Indeed, today Mourdock stated precisely that same sentiment — that bipartisanship to him means that the Democrats have to come over to the Republican side of issues. No compromise, no meeting half-way, just do things my way, or take the highway.

    Perhaps this troglodyte moron make keep making similar statement such that reasonable people will decide to take a pass on him as they did with Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle.

  • Larue,
    While I cannot speak for every community in the U.S., I can assure you that when my partner, David, and I got married this past July 24th in New York City, we had to apply for a city license, but no blood tests were required. Our civil ceremony was conducted by a volunteer NY State Supreme Court Justice, who was himself gay and married in Vermont. It was a super event for us, after having committed to living together in love and mutual respect for the past 28 years.

    My only regret is that this summer we are moving to our retirement home in Florida, a state with no respect for people like us who wish to live as a married couple, paying our taxes, and contributing to our community like most people do. We can only hope that someday Prop 8 will wend its way to the U.S. Supreme Court and they will overturn these anachronistic and stupid laws that make separate and unequal citizens out of people like us. We will have our NY Marriage Certificate, framed and hanging on our living room wall for all to see who come to visit. We will still be married in our own eyes, and in the eyes of the State of New York.

    We look forward to the states of Washington and Maryland joining soon the family of ever growing states that allow their citizens full, equal citizenship until such time as the whole country joins us in permitting millions of others around the country to celebrate as we now can the commitment and love we have known for these past 28 years.

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    Jawohl, mein Führer! Ganz gut beschrieben!

  • You can. All you have to do is write them and demand that they cancel your membership and refund the dues remaining for the rest of the year you purchased when you first signed up or renewed.

    I did it and I got a check for $12 for the refund of my dues. I suggest you also explain why you are doing this and why you will no longer support an organization that does not represent the best interests of seniors. Then need to lose a large number of members who specifically and categorically state that they will not support AARP if it does not represent their best interests. Cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits is not representing the best interests of seniors.

  • I called last Friday evening to cancel my membership and explicitly explained why I was doing so. The young man on the phone asked me multiple questions about why I was taking this action, etc., and agreed to make sure my membership was canceled forthwith. I later wrote an email to AARP after the statement came out on Monday explaining in their weasel words how they were going to “protect” social security from cuts, blah, blah, blah. In my email, I noted, as many have here, that they were not actually saying they would never support cuts of any kind, especially raising the retirement age. I also told them I would never again consider joining them since this was the second time they had let seniors down (the first being the Bush Medicare Part D fiasco). I also asked them to clarify their “statement” by letting me know if they would agree to any cuts of any kind, or would state unequivocally that they would never agree to support cuts, no matter what kind of cuts they were, including raising the retirement age. So far, crickets. No response. Probably will not respond since they will not make such a categorical statement. I no longer trust them, and will not join again, no matter what kind of statement they make. I will also make it my business to let all my senior friends and near-senior friends know that they should not trust AARP and should never consider joining them and wasting their money on an organization that would sell them down the river in a NY minute.

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    Every time I hear another news story on five more U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan, four more dead in Afghanistan today, I think to myself “Will these be the last ones killed before we get out? How will their parents/wives/kids feel knowing their love one died for nothing as we pull out our troops and let the Taliban retake that miserable country? And each time I do this, I think to myself, we need to get out of there and right now. This war has become the Viet Nam of our time. We cannot win. We will not win. And we continue to kill innocent men (and some women) in a pointless war that is now done.

    We need to pull out our troops, forget about keeping Karzai, that worthless piece of shit, in power. He is a dead man walking. As soon as we leave, he is dead. He talks shit against us almost every day, warning us not to become “occupiers” — as if we wanted to occupy that shithole place — so why are we staying there? We can send drones from further away than Afghanistan to target victims in Pakistan. It will take a bit longer for them to get there, but the distance is not beyond the capability of the drones themselves.

    Congress nearly voted to demand an early withdrawal (only fourteen votes shy), so that pressure will continue to mount. As American public opinion, now already against the war, continues to build, the administration will have no choice but to get out or become the next President Johnson of Afghanistan.

    Get out now! We have done what we needed to do, we have accomplished as much as we can. Osama and the cadre of Al-Qaeda leadership are decimated and dead. Public support has turned against the war. We simply cannot afford it! (The war is costing us $2 billion every week!)s Bring the troops home. Time to declare victory and leave.

  • Years ago I stopped writing checks for many smaller, local purchases or just to obtain cash for personal spending. I began using my debit card, probably like millions of Americans, because it was an easier method of dealing with these types of transactions. If these people think they will be able to get their hands into my pockets and my bank account, first with relatively small fee transactions, then over time ever increasing fee rates, they can think again. I will stop using the debit card and go back to withdrawing cash directly from the bank for personal spending, and writing checks or using cash for smaller purchases again (e.g., groceries, Costco runs, etc.). I will continue to write checks for payments for car notes, mortgage, bills, etc. One needs to be careful what they wish for, because you may get more than you bargained for…..

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    Wish someone could tell us out-of-staters how the signature collection is going in the other senatorial races, other than Hoppers. I understand that Hopper’s recall effort is over the top and now they are just collecting padding votes to offset any bad sigs, etc. but we never hear how things are going against the other Repub senators

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    You know, New York and Vermont (both very blue states) make excellent cheese. And if you want to boycott WI cheese, don’t buy Sargento packaged cheeses. Just sayin’.