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  • It is certainly Jon’s right to attempt to sell anything that he wishes.

    Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the “service economy” has left the mainstream bourgeois USA incapable of speaking in other than sales pitches and drama. Maybe the sales-slime class needs a fiery-eyed, bare-toothed “STFU” aimed at them from time to time, just so they remember their rightful historical place underfoot.

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    Anglo-Saxon culture is the culture with the extreme deference to authority problem; other peoples don’t have that to such a degree and seem to have managed far better and kept more control over their oligarchs.

    The bourgeois Whig social identity has no currency among people who aren’t scared of talking about and dealing with power.

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    “Debt-based” feudalism could mean enforcement of the feudal relationships to the means of production, by way of unpayable debts imposed on serfs or even further up the hierarchy, perhaps as “original sin” from birth, and with debts denominated and paid in the creditor-better’s own scrip to restrict independent production and consumption choices. Something like a [...]

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    Why would they? Liberalism is an aristocratic, center-right ideology that strenuously and showily pretends to leftism only in matters that don’t significantly diffuse control over the means of production. When a leftist actually discusses power and authority, they are consistently silenced as “derailing” very often by a proud liberal . Kindly never, ever conflate leftism and liberalism [...]

  • Actually, it made perfect sense, in light of the precedent to the contrary and the increasingly nonsensical appeals to their own authority: institutions must live on even at the cost of every life under them.

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    “There are people who say that government can’t be trusted. Don’t listen to them” -paraphrased, President Obama at OSU, a month before Snowden’s docs started to drop.

    I wonder if in the Snowden corpus there might be an answer found to this one too.

    Just the usual pre-Shabbat appeal to the party that they keep kosher and not succumb to the delicious smoky temptations of bacon. Dandelion greens and quinoa may be a vegan diet, but it’s a bit “overenthusiastic” shall we say.

  • Representative democracy is oligarchy with a WWE tournament bolted on the side. I’m afraid the nation’s actions since day one are, by and large, just as one would predict from a state whose founders and ideological descendants were only genuinely interested in protecting one minority: the rich.

  • Neutralized? You are aware that there are no few street gangs whose heads still run the gang from inside prison via covert channels such as short-termers and Ms. Dillard, aren’t you?

  • When will they? It’ll take a loss of faith in the civil religion of American Exceptionalism. In particular it provides, in the form of myopic one-off just-so stories, a functional equivalent to “God works in mysterious ways”. People need to accept that things are unknowable, that one theory which explains 90% of reality and fails on 10% has more explanatory and predictive power than 100 circumscribed theories that each explain 1% of the past reality perfectly.

  • Socialist for the 1%. Always distrust plural pronouns. They are one of the most popular tools of manipulation (see )

  • Perfectly consistent with the hypothesis that the operative principle of the ruling class is that real citizens have means, and residents who don’t are mere pretenders. Yay Athenian democracy…

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    Good call Jon!

    I’ve noticed something lately while keeping half an eye on the odd political conversations on the interwebs. There are two parties, each of which has a particular branding campaign. One evokes victory against adversity, of personal responsibility and enterprise, of the moral value of privation, of essentialism and knowing one’s place in the world. The other evokes public purpose and responsibility, equal opportunity, collective power, and fair play. Informed by the brand images and talking points of the products each party is selling, partisans are turned loose and encouraged to fight the other party’s arguments with their own party’s arguments.

    Meanwhile, the shadow parties behind each of the brands, the parties that actually produce the policy, have their own institutional goals and imperatives like any institution or corporation, which presumably include self-determination and fear of death similar to most other semi-intelligent life forms. Like any other semi-intelligent life form, they seek to minimize expenditure of energy, maximize profits and shape the world around them to best suit them. As such, they deal with as few others as possible, favor those bearing the easiest return on investment (the wealthy with pre-written bills), and use their messaging apparatus to present a distorted (to be generous) but self-consistent narrative that favors their ongoing comfortable existence and influence.

    In other words, partisans are patting themselves on the backs for beating the stuffing out of the other guy’s straw Coke/Pepsi bottle with Nerf(tm) bats while the field masters are behind them sipping one another’s product (mostly the red can), shooting rockets at 7-Up trucks, and throwing lit matches into the field whenever they think nobody’s looking. This is the real world outside the playhouse, kids.

    At the next Nürnberg trials, “I was just following orders” will give way to the equally hackish and triply craven “I was just serving my Party”.

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    Seriously? You’re taking partisan pride in beating on a straw man while the field is burning around you.

    Dumb, ineffective operators do not see a billion dollars from large businesses and wealthy individuals spent on behalf of their reelection campaign, especially against a clear twit. If someone’s reelection is worth a billion dollars to someone, they expect to see a return greater than unity on that, and saying you donated a million to re-elect Obama only has so much value at cocktail parties.

    An office that attracts that kind of money at the margin must necessarily be efficient at accomplishing *something*, and a nonpartisan look at the past few years suggests that insulation from accountability has proven *extremely* valuable to those who have been found worthy of it.