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    I am really going to miss you. Thank you for all you have done and take a deep breath…once you have been to the top of the mountain it is really hard to come back down.

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    Maybe he should pick his wife or good friend Oprah.

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    Perhaps he got confused :)

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    Paul and Neil and Jimmy, your parents must be so proud.

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    Thank you David for posting this picture. I think it is so important that we are able to put a face with a name. We need to understand who ‘they’ are and ‘they’ are just like us. I am quite sure ‘they’ have families and loved ones and one or two of them with any conscience will be disgraced for the rest of their life/lives.

  • And everybody is suing everybody and the lawyers are getting rich. The everybodies are having to spend their illgotten gains. When the robosigning broke I said it would be a behoove any lawyer to get into this mess and was I right, however, I was thinking more about the little guys, not the zillionaires having to defend their corporate selves. So I suspect it is the lawfirms holding up the remains of this economy. Like don’t be a hedge funder, be a lawyer.

  • Well I for one am very pleased with this. I understand the big players are getting away with it all for now but it is so going to bite them. To me this is just starting to work itself up the chain. The government can’t really keep a lid on this at this point, so many people are becoming aware of the fraud. All the laws in the world won’t protect them in the end. All the people that participated in this fraud, from the beginning to the ending, will be called to account (in my most humblest opinion). To those that are working for the good, I applaud your dedication and service. For those that perpetrated this crime, I pray you get what you deserve and prayer is a powerful thing.

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    This is good news to me. How do they intend to undo all the recorded fraudulent assignments and satisfactions I wonder. This just opened another can of worms. Keep these suits coming, it’s great watching it all come apart. The last chain of title I looked at in my county had BofA transferring to Chase. [...]

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    Well that is comforting, they have managed to connect the second liens with the first liens, I have a hard time believing this 60% number. I stated before I have seen two instances whereby the second lien was not subordinate to the first. (I was not even looking, I stumbled on them). When I thought about this further I realized this was probably intentionly done to deceive the Investor. Since no one relys on the county recording systems and they can’t rely on MERS, this is just a free for all. Anyone wanting to foreclose on any home can just do it. Make up the assignments, reconveyances, satisfactions. The judge approves all the junk and the bank owns another house. The title companies are great about this too, they just accept all the junk.

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    I found FDL a few years ago and thought..what a strange name! I grew up being told that two subjects that were never to be discussed in a group were politics and religion. I have studied politics and religion for 30 plus years and since I couldn’t discuss it..what to do. I watched what happened in 2000 and went over the edge pretty much and wondered if I was the only one that noticed what just happened. Finally I got a reprieve when I got back online after a few years hiatus and realized that many people were discussing these forbidden subjects. I was home.

    I don’t comment much on FDL because for the same reason that many mentioned, my thoughts are often stated much more eloquently. I learn a great deal by reading the diaries and comments and love that fact that all of the information we are getting now is instant. I get my news online and don’t watch MSM…haven’t for years…so I miss ‘the spin’ going on around alot of subjects.

    I have known about the corruption in all areas of our government for years but had no one to talk to and it seemed to take forever for people to catch up. I finally just stopped commenting a couple of years ago and then the mortgage thing happened. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it, I really couldn’t. Being away from the business for ten years, everything had changed. The names, terms, the way I did my job, it had all changed. I am going thru the five stages of grief (Kubler Ross). I don’t know if I will make it to Acceptance and I know I have too to regain my sanity.

    I don’t spend alot of time online and so feel that if I comment and someone says something back I will miss it and then they will think I am being rude. It seems easier to keep it to myself. I just don’t understand how the site works as well as I should. When the front page slips away, I am lost.

    Anyway, sorry this is so long, but thought a little background may help to understand why I come in once and awhile ranting and than away I go…lol.

  • Thank you. I am just on a roll today. This subject makes my blood boil. The mortgage business is in my blood, it was my career and I am so disgusted. I was not a commissioned employee, making my money off the backs of innocent homebuyers. I did not forge documents and bait and switch loan programs. The file I am working on right now is so full of forgery and fraud it makes me sick. The fact that no one is being held accontable is a travesty. I just pray everyday the fraudsters get what they deserve. End rant.

  • And they were bad loans by design. The banks made them on purpose to satisfy the appetite of Investors but failed to explain to the Investors that it was all a game. The loans were designed to fail to enable the biggest land grab in our history. The homeowners and investors were used.

  • “County” my County.

  • And I am angry about is all the recording fees and excises taxes my little country didn’t get from the fraudsters. I talked years ago about states seceding from the Union and I still like that idea. Break it up, break it all up.

  • No, it is exactly the same subject and you know it.

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    And isn’t it ironic that Mr. Beckman from Citi now runs MERS.

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    I just can’t stop thinking there is a great divide between the 1%’s and getting wider everyday. I don’t think everyone is on the same page anymore. I sense desperation as the entire system is imploding. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm and when I look at what is happening around me I know that is what is happening to the whole. The 1% is not going to escape this even though they really believe they are exempt.

  • You are absolutely correct donbacon, I don’t understand why those bankers went running to the government for that big bailout in 2008.

  • I read about this a few days ago. I can’t believe the Investors are really going to fall for this. They invested in worthless MBS and now they are going to invest again and get ripped off. The money managers of the investment funds should all be fired.

  • I am working on a very interesting file. Two loans, first lien and heloc. The heloc is not a second lien as the deed of trust was not “subject to” the first lien. This is rather funny to me and I have looked another loan with the same thing. The blank with the “subject to” line was left blank. Whoever did the paperwork really messed up. So, what this means of course is that in ‘newspeak’ the heloc or second (if that be the case) could actually foreclose on it’s much smaller loan and leave the major or first lien holder out completely. I wonder how many loans have been closed like this in the rush to make these loans. Guess it was “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE”! These second lien holders really need to start examining their docs since this all about grabbing land.

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