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    @jeer9 and VMT, please note that I point out the value of these theories twice.

    The problem I see is that there is no leftist academci criticism of capitalism. That entire thrust of thought is gone. Further, it isn’t just the Repubs who manipulate poststructuralism and deconstruction.

    My view is that there is no theory out there to take the place of capitalism, or even to insist that its contradictions be expxosed. Instead, every meeting of progressives is haunted by the need to chew over every word in a a futile search for absolute truth.

    In fact my views are based in large part on Achieving Our Country and Philosophy and Social Hope. Rorty offers a way out of this whole theoretical morass: democracy and more democracy. Rorty was a Red Baby, and believes deeply in the possibility of rational decision-making through Democracy. So do I.