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    I’m cautiously hopeful. The fact that Dimon supports her says more about Dimon than it does about White. He is a pig, and he assumes that anyone who has worked on Wall Street is a pig also. It isn’t necessarily so. Besides Gensler, there is Jeff Connaughton, Ted Kaufman’s chief of staff, who made the turn, Kaufman himself, and others. It is true, to some extent, that you have to understand the business to do enforcement right. I doubt, for example, that White would fall for the stupid lines that kept the weasel Breuer from enforcing the law, that nonsense about crushing the banking sector and throwing innocent people out of jobs.

    I’d love to see someone like Barofsky or Bill Black, but the President isn’t going to do that, and I doubt they could get confirmed. There is some question as to whether White can be confirmed. I prefer not to be a cynic all the time, and here’s my big chance.

    One more thing. Her husband is old enough to retire. He should, and let her do this without his ugly minion baggage. It means there will be one more law job, for some connected slime from some east coast hotbed of right-wing money-grubbing.