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    The worst is what a lie it all is. Governing a nonproblem in the name of bipartisanship. In reality the deficit is rapidly shrinking.

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    The headline I saw was something along the lines of Obama make big gesture to GOP…lol. It’s not a gesture. He’s been trying to partner with the GOP to cut safety net programs since he became President. Frankly, I have given up the idea that these programs won’t be cut. Without a Democrat in the WH halting these cuts, they are about 110% likely to pass.

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    I actually don’t think Obama’s healthcare plan was bold either, but Jesus, there is nothing bold or courageous about cutting safety net spending. He says it “easy” to raise taxes on the rich because the public supported it, while cutting entitlements is “bold” because only he and his wealthy colleagues support it. What a selfish, small minded loser.

  • Yeah, we are just like Italy, Spain and Greece…except for that lit bit about having our own currency.

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    Highly unsupported by any policy makers who care about old people…I’m willing to make those changes to strengthen social security because obviously those people who actually care at all about the elderly have no idea how cutting benefits strengthens the program. What an ass.

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    I am doing thisw. I’m calling all the pols, signing petitions, whatever I can. I hope everyone is doing their part. Talking about it among ourselves.

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    You have to realize Obama wants credit. Should this pass look for Obama yo spend the rest of his life talking about how he took on members if his own Party and reformed entitlements.

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    Matt Yglesias’s scenario is frightening but I am almost 100% sure the scenario Obama will bank on. He needs to walk back his offer now, but with cheerleaders out there telling him his chances at a deal are even better, I doubt he’ll do that. And, Dems will be asked to swallow these god awful concessions to pick up a handful of Republican votes. Really the progressive caucus now holds a lot of cards and they need to tell leadership hell no to an SS cut. But they’ve never managed to use their numbers to block anything ever, so it is hard to see that happening here.

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    I agree, but I don’t think they even know that’s coming. I think most Americans, and this is because of the media’s lack of reporting, believe the cliff is a spending bonanza that will increase the deficit. Also, so far, the only one proposing cuts to social security is Obama. There is a disconnect for sure. If Obama would have just kept to his line in the sand which an overwhelmingly majority supported, end tax cuts to the wealthy, don’t touch entitlements, the public, even red staters supported that.

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    I think it’s that all the really cool people in Washington support cutting entitlements, and he wants to be the hero that wins the big game.

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    You’ll eat simpson-bowles and like it. That seems to be what Obama is saying.

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    Um, I don’t think that will work because like, Pelosi, Obama and Boehner are trying to strengthen social security by cutting it, and what you are talking about wouldn’t cut it, so I’m pretty sure your idea would like, weaken social security.

  • I don’t know. Wishful thinking I guess.

  • I definitely always, and we are talking ’08 primary always, have taken him at his word on social security. But I did expect other Democrats to stop him.

  • He’s such a pompous ass. He really doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he succeeds in negotiating a deal.

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    He’s not considering chained CPI. He’s offered it. I can not fathom why this man does these things. What about his voters doesn’t he understand? Who the hell does he think he’s works for? So incredibly disappointing. How do we get Senate Democrats to fear for their political lives and stop this train wreck?

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    I feel you, but my first response was can’t we deal with the guns now, and frankly I don’;t think that’s a crass response. I have a child. She goes to preschool three days a week. She was at preschool on Friday. I want to feel like at least this modicum of protection my government can provide my child. That it can at the very least make an effort to stop gun massacres, we’ve had seven this year, from happening. That’s not a policy discussion. It’s not crass. It’s a human response to a parent’s worst nightmare. If we’d had six massacres this year where the weapon was a bomb strapped to someones chest, everyone would say how do we stop this? No one would call that response crass. No one would call that politics, or a policy discussion.

  • What prompted Israel to attack is that over the past year Hamas has become increasingly legitimate to Fatah. The Israeli government believes it benefits when these two factions are at war. Hillary went over there to crack skulls. It worked. Nothing new here, but the notion that Hillary Clinton went over there so the administration could kiss Israel’s ass strikes me as absurd. She could have done that from home.

  • I think republicans don’t like the health law because they know millions of Americans who are eligible for Medicaid have no idea they are eligible for Medicaid. But once the law is you must have insurance they are going to find out they are.

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    The deal made to raise the ss eligibility age essentially wiped out all the benefit of the post WWII productivity gains for the entire middle class.

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