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    Abrams and his buddies from the Iran Contra conspiracy should all be in jail. That fact that they were even prosecuted makes the feeble attempts to bring the to justice seem like ancient history. Now, with the Washington Post among its organs, the whole neoCon criminal conspiracy has gotten “too big to fail.”

  • I missed your exchanges with the curmudgeonly Rose but happened to see it this evening mentioned on the Humboldt Herald blog. Yah, don’t expect much rationality from Rose. I don’t know what motivates her habitual stridency.

    It does seem that both the attempted MAXAAM/PacLumber-financed recall and two elections – all of which votes Paul Gallegos has won – brought out a certain “hard core” law enforcement mentality in reaction. It’s like the angry “silent majority” out of Nixon’s playbook, except in Humboldt County they are, thankfully, not the majority!

  • He can take his “sanctimonious” back to the smoke-filled rooms where he gave away the Public Option even while publicly claiming to be pursuing it.

    How interesting that his Public Option lie, a major policy mistake that he was too embarrassed to even be honest about when he did it, is coming back to haunt him. He can’t let go of it. Almost Shakespearean in his denial of his great blindness, his obsession with his righteousness.

    And how amazing that he fails to recognize that reform without cost containment is a hoax, and that the Public Option was the only viable vehicle for cost containment, single payer having been “taken off the table,” as Nancy likes to say.

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    Good points. That’s why people have to counter via their social media and other connections. The giant media flame campaign should be reason enough to wonder and keep watching.

    The B of A documents should be interesting. The “original” Bank of America was founded by AP Giannini in San Francisco and had a very strong service culture. In 1998 it was acquired by Nations Bank – an aggressive North Carolina outfit whose strategy included cozening wealthy customers while directing the regular riffraff to computer kiosks, conveniently located where tellers used to be at local branch banks!

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    Historically astute post, Marcy. But to offer a bit of devil’s advocacy with a twist of McLuhan, maybe radio was always destined to be “hot” or “tribal” (and in that sense tending toward demagoguery). Maybe the Internet cat is out of the bag enough that its distinctly different technology (“the internet treats censorship and damage and routes around it”) will have escaped confinement. Witness the hundreds of mirror sites making Wikileaks currently available. In other words, I hope you’re being too pessimistic!

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    Q: I’ll give that try, do you beleive that distinguishing marriage from civil unions — when children are most likely to survive when raised by a mother and a father. O: It goes against the evidence – Q: Only if you believe what the judge says the evidence says — Um, is that the conservative judge [...]

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    EW, thanks for logic-checking the Nation regarding Ames’ and Levine’s somewhat bizarre article.

    In their apologia, the authors claim that “like many Americans, we found the TSA’s intrusive procedures offensive and we are against the invasive pat-downs and attack on our civil liberties. This was a given in our article, and we stated as much.”

    Well that’s not viewpoint I found stated or implied, from their phrases like “TSA hysteria” or “But don’t ask us, ask Americans themselves…fewer than one in five Americans object….”

    And if they had any real “regret” over “including extraneous details…about Tyner’s past” because it “distracted” readers “from the article’s main findings,” then they should have left it at that. But, no. They have to say it “distracted” “readers like Greenwald,” seeming to imply that they mostly “regret” his reading, not their own careless writing.

    The Nation needs to have higher standards than innuendo and decrying “TSA hysteria.” How low it has fallen as as a once-careful chronicler of 4th Amendment issues!

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    It will be interesting to watch Ireland as a test case of the capitalist order rolling out full-on neo-feudalism among a fully consumerized and potentially vocal populace. The Irish are at many disadvantages, however. Those include the traditional deferral to church and state authority, the shame and reticence about discussing money problems, and Ireland’s reportedly draconian bankruptcy laws.

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    A few years ago I flew out of a small regional airport (Eureka-Arcata, California) soon after the “shoe bomber” incident had made it mandatory to take off your shoes.

    This was a new thing at the time, but a sign said that you had an option not take your shoes off, although you would be subject to a “pat search.” (What that had to do with checking the shoes, I don’t know.)

    With my arthritis and lace-up shoes, I elected for the “pat search.” Big mistake. It was more of a “poke” search than a “pat” search. Make that hard, repeated pokes. I was clearly being punished for “choosing” to avoid taking my shoes off. I felt assaulted.

    But accepting violative assault from government is what we are supposed to be “learning” from the TSA, isn’t it?

  • So the keepers of law flout the law. Torture is okay as long as (1) you deny it (“We don’t torture”) and (2) nobody lets the evidence get out.

    You can even get around rule 1 if you are, say, a former preznit or such, provided that your admission is vaguely worded, sufficiently delayed, and attaches to the names of “known” evildoers.

    In the memorable words of John Ehrlichman, the rule of law is left to twist “slowly, slowly in the wind.”

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    Yep, Barry O takes up the cause of ignorance and muddled thinking yet again, praising those jolly old Tea Partiers, who we all know are as American as the Know-Nothings, the Nativists, and the KKK before them.

  • With greatest respect, Jane, you and FDL are the sanest, strongest voices since the late Steve Gilliard.

  • I can’t believe that Obama was once a community organizer. I wonder what kind of organizations he supported and what kind of leadership he encouraged in communities. Or was that a “window dressing” job on the way from Harvard to his first political campaign?

    Obama seems quite well aware that his “supporters” are his corporate and military bosses. Every boss has a boss in that world of favors.

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    Sexy pulse-less Cheney, with duck hunting accoutrements.

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    Well from here in the Bay Area I’m calling sweep for our Giants!

    And did I really see GW Bush for one quick sec on TV at the game last night? had a story titled “George Bush May Sneak into World Series -
    The World Series may attract an old nemesis to town” (Byline Matt Baume).

    But it was taken down and only in Google cache when I found it just now.

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    Sounds as if shining a light on the mortgage/banking industry is critical – we need a best-selling Silent Spring or Unsafe at Any Speed expose to make the hoary details of this scandal acceptable – even fashionable – to talk about. Somehow, though, I doubt that will happen. The media seem to have lost any taste for such “reality,” preferring their own manufactured kinds.

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    Obama reminds me of when I was about 12 and watched wrestling on TV in New York City. All the matches were highly theatrical, usually with a “good” guy wrestler against a “bad” guy.

    Then one night, one of my favorite “good” pair of tag-team wrestlers showed up in their match and became “bad”! They started throwing chairs, choking their opponents in the corner, and all the other stylized rough stuff that the bad guys did. I was incensed, I guess, but consciously mostly confused.

    I suppose, given the big play act switch by Obama, that the theatrical nature of our money-driven “representative democracy” should be more a cause for sober reflection of our naivete than anger toward the cipher who’s playing the role.

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    The No on 19 spokesperson complained in the SF Chronicle the other day that they have been outspent by Yes on 19.

    But throughout California below the radar in smaller cities, getting headlines in local papers and air time on local TV, has been a steady drumbeat of law enforcement press conferences, statements, and declarations, with no rational content, just the message that pot is a four-letter word spelled FEAR.

    And who pays for the salaries of all those D.A.s, police chiefs, SWAT commanders, and similar Praetorians who are blathering? We the taxpayers! And best of all, the No-on-19ers don’t have to report it as a campaign expenditure.

    Same goes for a certain California U.S. Senator. She never asked us what we thought about 19, just decided to co-chair the No on 19 campaign! And she’s supposed to represent all the citizens of California?

  • Thanks for highlighting this, David. The full impact of crowd-sourcing and other social media amalgamation for useful governmental purposes has the potential to shove aside fear-based, low-information methods of social control that seem to be working smoothly now for our corporate masters.

    True, Obama will not support Elizabeth Warren in meaningful ways. But things don’t always happen predictably. Sometimes, technological ideas get out of the genie’s bottle, and they don’t get put back.

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    We recently saw the DVD release of Polanski’s The Ghost Writer – a first class paranoid political suspense thriller with little overt violence (but trenchant handling of political issues in a way you won’t see from Hollywood).

    In the general sci-fi thriller vein, I also recommend Moon, a thoughtful and absorbing film. British-produced in 2009, it had a brief life in Bay Area movie theaters about a year ago.

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