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    Husband & I were just speculating about who could possibly be appointed by Gov. Abercrombie, and came up with:

    **Brian Schatz, HI Lt. Governor [a good guy]
    **Coleen Hanabusa – just re-elected as HI Dem Congresswoman
    **Tulsi Gabbard — highly unlikely; she was just elected Congresswoman, to fill the seat of Mazie Hirono, who moved up to Senator this year. [Mazie will now be Hawaii's senior senator.]
    **Mufi Hannaman — jeeze, I hope not. A real tool. Also, Abercrombie ran against Mufi, so hopefully not likely.
    **Ed Case — as you noted, he’s a Blue Dog and has pissed off Dems no end. He can run, and even get elected when he’s backed by developers’ money. In an appointment situation, I think he’s toast.

    Inouye was Chief Don of the Dem Party in Hawaii. Maybe there are some folks from “within,” or on his staff, that will be on the list.

    Thanks for your write-up, DDay.