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  • Israel can only act the way it does because of US support. US support is slowly changing, partially due to social media, the growth of the progressive movement. In another twenty years, what is a given for Israel might no longer be a given. At that point, things will change. Sadly, this is a slow movement, and I see no end to the Palestinian suffering in the short term.

  • Democrats know that they have nothing to fear from their progressive base with Republicans moving towards open theocracy. What is left of our already meager social safety net is probably doomed, but we can still save some secular freedoms, like birth control and abortion. We could even work to get marriage rights legalized in more regions than New England.

    I’m writing this post under the assumption that the US is in a decline. Progressives must work hard to save/accomplish what little they can, expect very little from most Democrats, and look elsewhere for repatriation. Brain drain to Canada and the EU. Why not?


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