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    Thanks very much for this, Larue. Saw him play with the Seldom Scene at the old smokey Birchmere a few times, years ago.

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    Thanks for the post, Cynthia. PLEASE keep updating on this topic, as there is so little posting or reporting going on about the mortgage fraud mess and the many different aspects of aftermath of this whole thing.

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    Thanks for this news and analysis, Cynthia.

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    Cynthia, your posts are one of the main reasons I stick with FDL.

    Is there some way you can foresee of getting a massive groundswell against the settlement along the lines of the internet protest against SOPA/PIPA a few weeks ago?

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    Thanks for these insights, Dr. Falk. Much appreciated.

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    Yes, FDL should support and report frequently on the BDS movement with the same vigor and agressive reporting it has brought to some other issues, such as legalizing marijuana, opposing illegal government wiretapping and other infringements on privacy, and many others. It is important to do so regardless of whether there is vociferous pushback or [...]

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    Well, I already knew Phil’s music and a little bit about his legacy because I had heard some of his better known songs in the late 60s and 70s here and there and had always loved them. I had a couple of albums or tapes still at the time of that concert. The area bands that played that night were a wide musical variety – punk-style, straight-ahead rock, folky, an all grrl band, …can’t remember all of them now. But they had each chosen particular works of Phil’s that they clearly liked and that resonated in some current way with their musical/social/political/spiritual visions of things going on at that time, in the Bush I era. So I guess their passion, their fresh arrangements and interpretations, the continuing relevancy of the lyrics…and the tremendous enthusiasm and very loud and sometimes boisterous crowd support on most of the songs. It was just a great evening of musicians/audience being in synch and with a sense of both remembering someone great and also sharing a continuing commitment to some of the messages and values in the lyrics.

    I ran into an office-mate there that night and we both looked at each other in shock initially, then in a great laugh and huge smile at our shared interests that were not exactly in tune with the office zeitgeist at that time (or any.)

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    About 20 years ago, give or take, I went to a Phil Ochs memorial/celebration concert with lots of area musicians playing his songs at The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virgina. Sonny Ochs was there and had been one of the organizers. It was such a memorable night – inspiring, powerful, fun but also deeply moving.