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    One quibble with Cenk’s thought-provoking essay. W. has no guts. He simply behaved recklessly because he never has had to face the consequences of his actions.

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    A well-meaning man said to me once, “I suppose it (abortion) should be legal, but I don’t think women should use abortion as birth control. I held my temper and replied, “Suppose you had a life-threatening condition and to cure it you could either take an aspirin every single day or you could go in [...]

  • ghostof911@9, Wonderful! I’m going to steal that and use it everywhere. You have said it all!

  • When I was GS-11 Civil Service in mid ’70s, a corporation wanted to take over a state’s food stamp issuance program. Private sector can always do it better than gov, right? The private corporation would have increased costs 10-fold.

    The state guy was under tremendous local political pressure and bounced approval decision to us. We Regional Ofc Feds got semi-threatening letters from the corporation talking about their great influence in DC. Big meeting ensued. I was the only woman there among good old boys, who really wanted to do the right thing, but were intimidated. First comment, “I guess there’s nothing we can really do about it.” My comment, “Maybe they do have all this influence. Maybe they can roll right over us. But are we just going to lie down and let them?”

    Stiffing of spines all around the table. We turned the corporation down, and they did not get the contract. Taxpayer money and integrity both saved.

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    hackworth1–I totally agree. The thing is, W. Bush is and was a sociopath.

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    W. Bush is like the kid who was required to participate in the school play. He’s so glad he’s out of it now.