• So, in an attempt to follow Kerry’s somewhat haphazard reasoning thru, should political refugees in this country, who are here because of political repression in their country of origin, “man up” and return to their original country? They have been given political asylum in this country because facing “justice” in their own country means automatic arrest, torture and jail – and that is exactly what Snowden faces from this countries “justice” system.

  • Well, I’m no ludite, but lets think about this. Keep in mind a self driving car is nothing but hardware, sensors and software.

    Sometimes Google delivers search results that are irrelevant, but they are paid for by the advertiser. In my Google car, if I tell it to drive north and Burger King (or many others ) have paid for advertisement rights, does my Google car drive to the nearest Burger King even if its south? Or does it just go to the nearest Burger King to the north?

    Every once in a while my computer decides the mouse cursor should be three horizontal bars rather than a pointing arrow. In my Google car, would it decide the “Stop” sign is instead a “Go 65MPH” sign?

    My home computer is relatively stable and does not lock up ( very often). Does my Google car suffer the same problem, and does it know not to do that near a cliff edge. On my home computer I just reboot and continue, having lost anything recent. In my Google car, at 65MPH, in heavy traffic? Oh Well.

    And we all know Toyota does NOT have a sudden acceleration problem.

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    I’ve just donated to the ACLU. If you feel strongly about this, put your
    money where your mouth is. Otherwise, don’t complain – the government
    wolves (obama, romney, difi, scalia … ) count on a country of sheep.
    Other than small operations like Firedoglake, who else is even challenging

  • Obama and his minions have spent the last four years snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We should expect some asinine comment or new administration policy that will poison the well – and not just for now but for a generation to come. Remember, these people are experts at breaking liberal momentum :(.

  • New “O” motto – “Fair and Balanced”.

    Makes that asshole Dick Cheney look like a model of restraint by comparison.

    Question: Has the Nobel Peace Prize ever been revoked?

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    Obama caves on taxes!!!? What did you expect – he has spent the last four years caving. Why stop now? Four more years of this crap.

  • Obama has spent the last four years demonstrating that he is spineless. Why should he grow one now? Bet he will cave completely.

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    “… I feel like a red-headed stepchild born of two blond parents, slightly out of place …” Speaking as a red-haired person, I wonder if you just casually insult all red-haired people or is it that even smaller sub-class, red-haired stepchildren, that you find yourself so superior to. In either case, the appropriate response is [...]

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    Since when has Obama demonstrated the backbone to stick to a principle – any principle at all. When the pressure increases to release the photos, he will cave just like he has on everything else.

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    Has Obama decided to compete with Bush for the worst president in history title? WTF!