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    More defined-benefit retirement would certainly ease the anxiety of those presently earning less-than-zero after inflation on savings. Single-payer, covering-all-expenses healthcare, likewise. Eliminate the military industrial complex, we could put all that energy and resources to use dealing with global warming, and be home free. But we are currently seeing those goals slipping away rather than approaching. This thread is on small savers (persons and businesses) being screwed by the rich and their kept government. It’s true, we are being screwed by the rich and thier kept government, and we shouldn’t be. We should be aable to earn a modest return on savings that are loaned to borrowers by our credit unions, neighborhood banks, etc; just like it used to work.

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    I support the argument that super-low interest rate are bad. I disagree with those who say there are no small savers, only small debtors and big savers. Many of course have no opportunity to save. Others can, but choose not to. Those of us who can and do save in CD’s, bond funds (whether 401K, IRA, or just plain savings) were used to several percent – 4, 5 , 6 – now it’s 1, or a fraction of 1 percent. We don’t trust the stock market, no so much becuase it’s risky, but because it’s been rigged by the same banksters and captured government that’s rigging interest rates. I work for a credit union. It’s the small saver of the banking world. It takes in deposits, loans as much out as members will borrow, and invests the rest in VERY safe fixed-income ways. We’ve already been warned the next several years will be very tough, tightening belts severely, because, guess what, it’s investments have now rolled-over into new notes that pay almost nothing. If the credit union goes crazy with risk and crashes it doesn’t get bailed out. It gets shut down, the officers get investigated for screwing up, and I lose my job.

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    So the South is not so different from the rest of the nation? Sonny saw the new, more sphisticated racism as the way to win, and so did Nixon. The South and the nation did for a time progress together. Now they have, sadly, severely regressed together. With the new properity and influence of the [...]

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    Certainly, the federal government has invested plenty in the South – military, TVA, lots more. So the southern attitude, that the Federal government is an evil enemy, is irrational. Bigotry and rationality don’t necessarily coexist; quite the opposite. Before LBJ, didn’t progressivism and racism get along pretty well? The civil rights legislation broke up that [...]

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    THe Federal Government is the source of all things evil. The Federal Government freed the slaves, so for a hundred or so years the Solid South voted Democratic, because Republicans commanded the Federal Government that freed the slaves. The Democratic overlords would say to the poor whites, “you don’t have much, lord knows. So you [...]

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    If he’s going to get RC Church law imposed on the US – like, no cntraception; what’s he gonna do to get US Law imposed on the RC Church – like, pedophelia is a crime, those who cover it up are also criminals? I grew up with those people. Abolish it. Sell all that it owns, distribute it to those in need.

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    We might have elected her Governor here in Georgia, and spared the poor women who are clients of Planned Parenthood. She’d be inflicting her beliefs on the poor women of Georgia instead. Except we’re not only a red state, we’re a southern red state, and we’re sure not going to elect no girl governor.

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    The man asked for our votes in those fine speeches, and promised to make everything right. And we responded – 60 in the Senate caucus, that huge House majority. All they had to do was show up in Washington, propose, pass, and sign. We’d have New Deal, Great Society rolled together and renewed for another generation. There was the war, the economic crisis, yes; but Health Care was the everpresent issue. We didn’t vote for bipartisanship and compromise, we voted for public financing. Single-payer never even appeared on the table. Then we watched him hand an ax to every Republican and every dinosaur Democrat to take whack away, during months of wasted time. And even after that there were rumors of a public option maybe resurrected as an amendment to the mess that was approaching the floor. So he sent his chief henchman Lieberman to cross the aisle and filibuster with the Republicans, promising no public option, no drug reimportation, no Medicare drug price negotiation. He had to work so hard to deny us the health care public financing he had campaigned on and we had voted for. And tthen he will still after all that stand up and say “I support the public option, we just didn’t have the votes.” Never again.

  • Really,the “I’m sorry” would be the usual “I’m really sorry I got caught” when seeing the key being thrown away.

  • I was raised Catholic (is that like a disclaimer?). In the immortal words of Nixon’s Ag guy Earl Butz: “He no play the game, he no make the rules.” My translation: in Catholic thought sex is sinful – all sex is sinful. Only those willing to accept the punishment – children – are licensed to sin. So says the holy, able to resist, and so to judge the wallowing-in-the-muck rest of us. All of whom are condemned to whatever punishments the church can do to them. Like, no right to marry if you are not boy and girl and therefore able and willing to accept the punishment; no right to abortion; no right to contraception; no right to eductaion. EXCEPT – he may very well play the game, just doesn’t admit it. If he himself doesn’t, he sure knows some who do. A bunch of pedophiles have no right telling anyone anything except “I’m sorry”.

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    Weren’t banks more like that, before the Glass-Steagall repeal and the other reforms, and earlier than that before interstate banking? But how many of them were always looking to revive the glory days in the 20′s? And not to tar all the S&L’s with the scandal, you may always have this inclination of bankers to [...]

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    I work for a credit union, and do all my saving and borrowing there. I think the credit unions are not part of the problem. Their behavior is still tightly regulated by National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Times are hard for credit unions, as times are hard for careful savers generally. Deposits are growing, as [...]

  • It’s the triumph of moral hazard. The investors are minimizing risk by unloading it on the government (meaning, the taxpayers). The bankers won the 90′s laws repealing Glass-Steagall and prohibiting derivatives regulation by saying “Set us free, don’t help us if we fall.” Then they fell, and extorted limitless help from the government (TARP, AIG bailout, TALF, etc, etc). Investors took note. Get big, and you get that government guarantee. Succeed, you profit. Fail, the government loses. They’ve bought the government, hired away the regulators, and want to re-write the laws (tax code included) to maximize profits. It’s what the capitalist enterprise does.

  • It’s good the US Government condemn this criminal behavior, and bring diplomatic pressure to bear against the government which tolerates (encourages?)it and protects its perpetrators. But what moral authority does the US Government any longer possess, having committed the same crimes itself in the same country; having trained, by example and probably by direct instruction, those who now carry out these crimes?

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    It is not correct that “he folds for people who say no to him.” He does not accept no from Democrats to the left of the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. Ask Kucinich, ask Dorgan how Obama deals with an attempted No he doesn’t like. Therefore, we accept the other proposition: he is a [...]

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    Greed, yes, but I think there’s something more. It’s winning the game. The guys at Bear Stearns, WaMu, Merrill, mostly still walked away with millions. Why gripe? But they were losers. The guys at BofA, Goldman, Citi, they were the winners, in that round. There’s no standing still. It’s win or lose. They hate to [...]

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    Nothing else can matter to them. If one of them “weakens”, starts letting other considerations, like employee working conditions, or a grandchild’s future life on this exhausted planet, cloud his thinking, he’ll be gobbled up, fired, out of there quicker than you can say (whatever anyone might say).

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    I think it’s the game they play, for keeps. Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual, Merrill Lynch, Lehman – those were the losers in the last round. Now it’s down to fewer of them, the winnerss from the last round; the ones who grabbed seats when the music stopped, if you will – Bank Of American, Goldman [...]

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    Peak Oil can lend urgency to a process that is unfolding. The USA was climbing, maybe just lucky to have FDR, with a social conscience and without fear of his fellows in the ruling class, to put through the New Deal. The USA reached the top post-World War II, and strived for betterment with the [...]

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    The Prez, the big Dems, the big Repubs, all meet periodically in a secret chamber down under the Hill, and under the direction of a pro choreographer (Linda McMahon, she’s got experience, she could do it) go over the the plans for their next round of public conferences, resolutions, moves, counter-moves, macho threats, slick retorts. It’s D.C.’s Live Hokey Wrestling, how have I been so slow to see it? They work through this great entertainment fest, keeping the masses enthralled, slowly moving toward the denouement of “Raise the Debt Limit”. The committee in the control room off the chamber (Koch, Daley, Norquist, those “savvy businessman” banker friends of Obama) have already dictated the main points of the final resolution. But isn’t it a great show! Consultants are already working up plans for the next one.

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