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  • mdmeyer commented on the blog post New York Times Needs to Get over the 5th Grade Pot Jokes

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    “as high as the New York Times”? Methinks you’re hoist by your own petard!

    Actually I thought that things got a lot better this election cycle.

    Which just goes to show how bad they’ve been in the media. Now it’s just the headline and a couple of zingers in the text, instead of the whole perspective of the article.

    Soon, hopefully, those will drop out too.

    When they realize no one’s laughing.

  • commented on the blog post Marijuana Legalization: Demographics is Destiny

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    Prop 19 failed in Humboldt at the same rate that it failed in the state overall. Even if you count people indirectly employed in the cannabis industry who may have voted no, how many votes is that?

    OK, you said “small but real” but how real is it? Probably you could make a better case that it was a bunch of LA voters who were convinced their sweet 215 situation might be changed by 19. Lots more voters down LA way.