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    ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
    Push off, and sitting well in order smite
    The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
    To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
    Of all the western stars, until I die.

    Just you, upon your pony, on your boat.

    Assuming you have a pony, and a boat. Though I suppose a couple Bassetts and some floaties would do…

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    Yeah, but she’ll play it like a ‘testant on The Price Is Right: She’ll try to get as close as possible without actually getting elected, and thereby having an actual job, with duties and shit. She’s ‘lergic to that stuff…

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    Begich leads Alaska Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell (R), the GOP’s current frontrunner, by a narrow 44 percent to 40 percent.

    Palin…trails Begich by 12 points, 52 percent to 40 percent in a potential general election showdown.

    Heh. Same 40% for the Quitster, but 8% more became a bit less undecided when her name was dropped. Like, on their big toe, it seems…

  • Your morning Feelner:

    Howzabout the preznits of all the countries Hitler* didn’t invade come forward and clear the poor man’s name?

    *I was gonna use Charles Manson, and all the people he didn’t kill, but then I decided fuck it, go Full Godwin…

  • Comedy yeah:

    just to make sure there was nothing in the mangled bits of metal which could possibly be of any interest to passing Chinese agents

    Call me silly, but I just kinda figure the Chinese either got what they wanted from Snowden, or they already had it.
    Seizing GG’s partner’s stuff was either just to be dicks, to get some of what they figure the Chinese already got, or both. Smashing the Guardian’s drives was just to be dicks.

  • Wait – wait! Where iz everybody?

    This blog’s got the disappearin’ railroad blues…

  • Drum on GG’s partner’s detention/theft of goodies:

    This is more than just shocking. It’s stupid. Criminally, insanely stupid. I can hardly think of a better way of convincing skeptics that security authorities can’t be trusted with the power we’ve given them.

    Trudat. But it was also pretty much inevitable. In part because of the criminal stupidity of…people. See, that’s the thing about the Security State. In this ever-changing world in which we live in, security is important. But the security agencies are all full of…people.

  • What I don’t get is that they didn’t see this coming a mile away. Poitras was being put through the wringer every time she got on or off a plane before she ever started working with YMS/GG. Did they actually think the fact that they hadn’t been arrested immediately meant that they could galavant around the world with gigabytes of classified data in their pockets? Totally amateur hour.

    And speaking of the whole YMS/GG/Obama fretroplex, I’m wit Atrios:




  • Motherfucker is right. Inn the plural, too, because everybody that could stand to play for him (or couldn’t stand not to) was a motherfucker too. In fact, in a saner world that would have been the name of the group. “The Motherfuckers”, a motherfucker being a musician that knew his/her axe backwards, forwards, upside down, or under water. But we live in this one, so “The Mothers” it was. Until Frank was forced to tack “of Invention” onto it, to satisfy one record company nitwit or another.
    As Mike Kennealy says, “1988 was a million years ago”. It was also a damn shame.

  • Speaking of love: Filner.

    Feelner don’t fucking know what love is. We know what love is…

  • Yup.
    I always thought Tellies were called that because they’re butt ugly, but Google seems to be telling me it was because Tellies were one of the first guitars with a plastic mother-of-pearl pickguard, which coincidentally was a very popular toilet seat material at the time. Hence “what chew got there, a guitar or a toilet seat? haw haw haw”.

    Leo Fender holds the distinction of designing both the best-looking and worst-looking electric guitars in history, both of which are among the most popular. go figger…

  • 13 songs. Yeesh.

  • Bonus: That motherfucker sure can play guitar. He even looks like he’s having fun. (Also too, one of the rare covers where the egos don’t overwhelm the song.)

    And he does it while playing a toilet seat. That takes talent.
    Now, why do I always get that clip confused with the Concert for George…

    Speaking of guitarists who enjoy their work, you ever seen Adrian Belew with the Crim? He’s like a happy little kid on stage. Maybe he does it to make up for stoneface Fripp…
    This is one of his more sedate ones.

  • 10 artists, 16 songs. If I gave it a lot of thought, half these songs wouldn’t be on the list…

    Moody Blues–”You And Me”
    ” ” –”In My World”. Justin whips out the steel guitar every once in a looong while.
    Tom Waits–”Jersey Girl”. The original and still the best, accept no substitutes…
    Dire Straits–”Sultans of Swing”. The song the bar bands hated.
    John Hiatt–”Everybody Went Low”. Another artist who made a career out of not beibng able to sing worth a fuck. Also too, it’s damn near metal in spots. Why is it on my list?!
    Leonard Cohen–”The Tower of Song”. Still can’t sing, but he can’t sing much better now than he couldn’t in the ’70s. His Live In London DVD is great.
    Frank Zappa–”Cruising For Burgers” (1988 Make a Jazz Noise Here version) There’s an example of tension-and-release in this one that’ll have you out of the chair yelling at the CD player “Jesus, c’mon, already!
    Jimmy Buffett–”Come Monday”
    ” ” –”Pacing the Cage” (Bruce Cockburn cover)
    Renaissance–”Northern Lights” or “Mother Russia”, I can never decide..
    King Crimson–”Vroom!” This one goes to 12…
    Beatles–”And Your Bird Can Sing”. John Lennon’s “throwaway” song…

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    Maybe “Snark 101″, and TBogg, as perfesser emeritus could occasionally stop by with a brief lecture.

    Or just repost all his tweets.

    Also too, almost any of TBogg’s tags would make a great name…

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    TBogg, you misspelled “loosers”…

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    Actually, when I see “ding-ding-ding!” and “trolley” in close proximity, I think of Rice-a-Roni. OK, I’m weird…

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    Ralph Nader will never, ever, ever, ever forgive the Democrats for excluding him from that debate in 1996. He cares more about that than in protecting his claims to fame, many of which are really his staff and volunteers claims to make.

    You can take the child out of the privilege, but you can’t take the privilege out of the child…

    I’ve long thought Nader might have actually done some good it he’d run for Congress. Guess it just wasn’t enough for him.

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    Well, fuck a duck. I’ve thought of myself as a Progressive for years, and now I find the Concern Troll/Purity Troll segment of the Left has somehow been ceded the title, and I’m left with…what? Just calling myself a Democrat doesn’t do it. There are Right, Center, and Left Democrats. I’m Left, but not Silly Party Left. “Progressive With a Libertarian Streak” is accurate, but way too long. And by fucky, I just don’t like having to call myself something else. Primarily because it’s descriptive. “progressive” is how I feel, as in “hey, the future’s this way! PHWEEEEET! c’mon!”.
    The Naderite Martyrs may think of themselves as progressive, but you make scant progress sitting home on Election Day, or voting for one Lar Daly or another, no matter how holy it makes you feel.
    Speaking for my fellow reality-based Progressives, can we have our name back?
    Probably not. That train has done sailed.
    OK, then, “Reality Based Progressives” for us. Perhaps shortened to “RBs”, or maybe “Arbies”.
    The Pure of Heart and Thought Brigade can pick one for themselves (though I suspect they’ll be happier with the one they’ve usurped, because that’s the easy way out). I’ll suggest “Dingbat Progressives”, or just “Dings”, but their senses of humor and self-awareness might not stretch that far.
    I’m being funny here (can you tell?) but this pisses me off. I feel like I’ve been robbed.
    Now I know why “Progressive” is used as an insult by my ‘Bagger Buddy™. I couldn’t understand why it had replaced “Liberal” as his primary term of endearment. Now I know…

  • The Poor Man, Billmon, Doghouse Riley…

    Don’t forget Fafblog, and The Cosmic Iguana…

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