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    Gee…I heard that she used to be a Republican and many liberals were complaining that she wasn’t liberal enough….Hmmmm! Could it have been an inside job guys? I know….a pissed off, far left communist liberal shot her.

    You stupid idiots….blaming Sarah Palin sounds just as ignorant. Wow…I got it…George Bush did it! That’s it. Everything is Bush’s and Palin’s fault. ROFLMAO! You morons. Wonder why democrats just lost so many seats in the house? This stupid rhetoric is why we can never keep office. I’m ashamed to be a democrat with all of these extreme left Daily Kos wackos ruining things.

    On another note….let’s go kill some babies by aborting them tomorrow…but let’s not be mean and kill the poor guy who just shot up and killed all those innocent people. You freaks don’t want him to face the death penalty do you? But tomorrow you’ll abort your own son or daughter. Your sickness runs deep. Liberalism “IS” a mental disorder I guess.Wake up you sick people.

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