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    Your picture of your mom on the fishing boat in Florida — I’m pretty sure I have its twin of my own mother, born in 1930. She passed away in 1994, and I miss her and my father. She did warn me of the impending banking disasters just before she passed away adding with her [...]

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    Sarah Palin and tea party folks are corporate-sponsored noise-cancelling machines. They are out there to cancel out the formation of legitimate American consensus.

    The content of their messaging is irrelevant, which means it does not have to be logical or truthful just noisy.

    I have no reason to gather around that circus. I keep hoping enlightened Americans will stop.

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    Not if native-born Americans are competing with H1B visa foreigners. My mathematician son was disqualified from several jobs because of his citizenship. Businesses are hiring foreign labor to reduce costs by pretending there are no citizens qualified for these positions.

    I look forward to the day this changes, but I doubt it since Bill Gates himself routinely lobbies congress to increase visa quotas to drive wages down for this sector.

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    It seems to me that a lot of Americans got on board with investment schemes/instruments without much thought given as to what they were investing in. This behavior was all in vogue during the ’90s. No one really wanted to know HOW these “profits” were being generated just as long as their portfolios performed in [...]

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