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  • What if any effect the GOP civil war will have on the Democrats, I do not know. I do think it is a good thing for the country though. Whether or not you have a cynical view of the Democratic Party, the Republicans have proven to be far worse on any number of levels. The so called “rise” of the Tea Party has only exacerbated the problems we as a people are suffering through since the takeover of conservative ideology in 1981. If conservatives want to devour one another, good!

  • I’m not sure what he is crying about. The establishment came to his rescue, and he was able to BS enough voters that he wasn’t a war fanatic, when he actually was. He proceeded to shit all over progressives for the next six years while in the Senate, so he definitely got his revenge. Oh, and he got to campaign for the Republican presidential nominee without ANY retribution from his Senate colleagues. In the old days, there would be some kind of action taken against a Democrat who purposely went off the reservation, but Lieberman got a nice send off from his “friends” in the Senate.

    As for the end of his Senate career, it’s his own damn fault. Eventually, progressives were able to get the word out that Lieberman was a war fanatic, despite the state and local medias abdication of its responsibility to actually report Lieberman’s record. Seems the voters in Connecticut are not for eternal war. Who would have thunk it?

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    Thanks for writing this post. I find Miller to be particularly loathsome. She’s the poster child for what is wrong with today’s “journalist.” Get any story, facts be damned, and become part of the political establishment. And you can use your influence to denigrate and bully others to boot. And if you fuck up, well, [...]

  • Unfortunately, SC is one of the most politically and socially retrograde states in the Union. It has been that way from the formation of the U.S. So I believe that no amount of mockery will change any attitudes in SC.

    And not to bash SC, at least not mercilessly, I have visited there many times. Some of my family used to live in Summerville. And I have visited Greenville. In fact, I attended a gospel festival at a LGBT church there. It is a beautiful state.

    However, I wouldn’t want to live there.

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    So my elderly mother is saved from Obama’s treachery because Republicans can’t take “Yes” for an answer. If Republicans had accepted closing a few tax loopholes, Obama and other corporatists would have sold the elderly down the river on Social Security cuts. Republicans cannot see that Obama helps them out time and time again. Instead, we hear about Socialist Obama from the Right.

    Some fucking Socialist.

  • I really do not know about Grimes. With the exception of John Yarmuth, the establishment Democrats in Kentucky are Blue Dog/Conservadem. In other words, corporate whores. Given who is pushing for her entry into the race, I am afraid it will be a rehash of other races held in Kentucky for the last twenty years.

    The establishment will tell Grimes that she needs expensive consultants who haven’t managed a winning race. The consultants and establishment figures like Governor Beshear will advice her to run to the right. This will mean genuflecting to the coal lobby, embracing austerity, and attacking anything that Obama has done.

    IF, and it is a huge IF, Grimes could make a run of it by stressing economic populism. A more populist campaign would throw McConnell off guard, and it would also serve notice to Kentucky voters that Grimes isn’t an Obama fan either. It would be triangulation, which is what Bill Clinton was known for, but it might work if done from the left.

    I know. I’m smoking too much of Kentucky’s number one cash crop.
    Instead, she will probably come out as a Republican lite like loser such as Jack Conway.

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    I find myself facing deja vu all over again. Kentucky had a governor’s race last year.  The choice was between  reelecting pseudo- Democrat Steven Beshear, or voting in the Bully of Burkesville, Senate President David Williams .  For progressives like myself, it was a nauseating election. I got to watch Beshear run like hell to the right. [...]

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    I got news for you greybeard. Looks like most of the American public already supports Obama’s decision on birth control. By a nearly 2 to one majority, Americans agree with Obama. I don’t know who you think Obama needs to persuade on this issue, considering most Americans who can afford birth control have used it at one time or another. Those opposing Obama on birth control are Republican diehards, not moderate voters.

  • Thank you David for pointing out the rot at the heart of our democracy and the problem with enacting any progressive policies: our politicians and political system are bought and paid for by corporate America. Corporations run our media, and people like Chuck Todd are dependent on corporate largess. Most voters don’t realize that our corrupt finance system is the unified field theory of why we can’t get truly progressive policies out of Washington.

    Also, the Washington establishment has never forgiven Stephen Colbert for lampooning Bush and the rest at that correspondence dinner.

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    I believe that Eli is referring to the DC Comic book character Bizarro, a Superman villain. Bizarro was created by Lex Luthor as the anti-Superman. He had Superman’s powers, but he was evil and dumb as a rock. Romney looks and acts just like Kerry (a political weakling who will say anything to get elected), but he is a Republican dufus instead of a Democratic one.

  • Watching Barack Obama and his White House crew do their so called jobs reminds me of some of the scenes from Monty Python’s  Holy Grail film: Greg Sargent’s piece demonstrates once again that Obama (King Arthur stand in) can be continuously humiliated and made to ”run away!” by Republicans (the French Knights).  Running away from calling Mitt Romney “weird”?  Flash mental [...]

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    Thanks for the post. I had not heard that new piece of BS rationalization by Obama fans yet.

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    Thank you for this post. I’d love to believe what you are saying, but I’ve been waiting for Obama’s tipping point with progressives for a while now. Frankly, I am convinced that the Democratic base is not really reality based at all. From what I can see, the Democratic base is still sticking with Obama. Obama proposes to cut Social Security and Medicare for a BS Grand Deal on the debt, and liberals still give Obama the highest approvals out of any demographic group for the final deal?


    The only conclusion I can draw is that the Democratic base is NOT a reality based community at all. Instead, it engages in some of the same delusional thinking that the Republican base does. I find this all maddening and depressing.

    I’m afraid that if the Democratic base ever really does sour on Obama, it will be right before the damn election. Fat lot of good that will do progressives then. Unless someone actually challenges Obama in the primaries, we are stuck with him for 2012. And I don’t think Obama can win reelection, nor does he deserve to win.

  • I don’t mean to rain on the parade, but Nader said on TV that he is only doing this to make Obama move to the left. This will not be a serious primary challenge to replace Obama. With that being said, why bother? Obama will just lie like a rug again and make all kinds [...]

  • I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but I’m feeling depressed about this debt limit debacle that is soon to be upon us.  I won’t even dignify it with the word “crisis” because this is completely manufactured by the Republicans.  Yes, this debt limit debacle is Republican hostage taking at its finest, but I’m afraid [...]

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    Thanks for the post David. Obama couldn’t negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag. It doesn’t pay to start negotiations with Republicans in the middle and work your way to the right for an eventual “deal.” However, to Obama, the progressive position on any policy issue is immediately jettisoned because he does not believe in progressivism. Obama thinks that he will be rewarded in 2012 by the massive hordes of independent and swing voters for his repeated sacrifices of progressivism.

    Too bad for Obama those independent voters are a mirage.

  • Blue Texan,

    I hope that you are right. I know that some Congressional Democrats have been critical of Obama, but it has all been done privately and not for attribution. Congressman John Yarmuth said at a Democratic meeting in Louisville in 2010 that Obama believes in Reaganomics. So far, however, Yarmuth has not been all over the airwaves or in print with Obama’s love of Reaganomics. I suppose that most Congressional Democrats are too afraid to piss off all the Obamabots in the Democratic Party.

    Frankly, I find this an untenable situation for progressives. The so called Democratic base has built condominiums on the River Denial about Obama. Obama supporters dismiss his latest betrayels of Democratic principles as some type of “brilliant” master plan. When some progressive critics of Obama call him out, we are portrayed as malcontents or conspiracy nuts by everyone.

    The only thing I can think of to shock Obamabots off of the River Denial is for Obama to advocate for the repeal of the Civil Rights Act in order to gain white votes in the South in 2012, but even then, I have my doubts that would work either.

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    Phew!  For a while there, I was sweating bullets trying to decipher Republican “thinking” on Medicare.  Recent statements by some Republicans just had me plain confused. Take for instance Senator Scott Brown’s public stance on the Ryan Medicare Dismemberment Plan.  Basically, Brown initially said, “HELL YES!  I’ll vote for eliminating Medicare!”  Now, it should not [...]

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    As a Kentuckian, I am always ashamed of Rand Paul. However, this time the dickhead did most of us progressives a favor with his rant equating universal health care to slavery. Paul clearly demonstrated that libertarianism is just political cover for good old fashion selfishness. His entire tirade was all, “ME, ME, ME!” As many [...]

  • Blue Texan,

    Thanks for this post. It effectively illustrates Obama’s true colors. In 2007 and 2008, Obama was running as a Tribune of the Plebians. Now, Obama is governing like a Patrician, so why shouldn’t he run as one? It sickens me.

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