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  • Mesa Mick commented on the blog post Kyl: Spending Cuts Now, Taxes Later

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    You got it backwards as usual you reich-wing @zzhat…Tax increases on the top 2%, elimination of the “pig” oil welfare and removing the cap on SS wages FIRST, then we’ll talk….

  • BAA-WAAA-HA-HA-HA! Are these clowns serious? Who do they expect to believe this balderdash? That’s to much to ask of even the most delusional of their true believers to swallow…

  • Newt should have quoted that sleaze Jon Kyl – You know the infamous…

    “What I said was not intended to be factual statement”…

  • Let all the spineless and blue dog (D)s retire…Maybe we can find some liberals who won’t bale on our core principles when the (R)s go BOO!, whenever the “pig” business types threaten to pull thier “campaign donations” or a vocal minority of old, white christian conservates back home go all ape$#!t screaming at them and turning their constituent meetings into “town mauls”…

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    Looks like that “loving gawd” all those Old Dixie bible belters claim exists for their benefit only is showin’ his “love” for them again.

    Only this time it’s not even pretending it’s to test their faith – Just lettin’ the republicant governor crap all over them to show once again what that “compassionate christian conservativism” of the government on the cheap tightie-righties is capable of doin’ for (TO?) them using his name to get elected….

  • Mesa Mick commented on the blog post Come Saturday Morning: They Say They’re Not Bigots, But…

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    And you my “friend” donbacon – like all the other working and middle class people that vote against their pocketbooks, their helath care and their childrens educations – are the driving forces behind the right wing fascism that the GOP, Teatards, christian evangelicals and christian nationalists peddle as being the “real ‘merica”. Get it yet or are you just gonna keep drinkin’ the koolaid and votin’ for a country that is “Fascist GOVERNANCE of the mindless hordes BY the corporations, FOR the corporations in Ayn Rand’s name we pray, Amen”

  • Come on dems!! Get on every talking heads program and news braodcast on TV and cable and tell America that it’s you and (D)s that are working at improving our aging infrastructure AND creating more jobs with the money the tightie-righties and (R)s turned down in favor of anti-choice legislation!

    Get with it! This is a winner so for christ sake don’t be afraid to WIN!

  • Why don’t the dems work as hard coming up with “obscure procedures” to block stuff that is anti-progressive as the rethugs and teatards do?

    As for a recess appointment…Gobsmack the right as obstructionsits BIG TIME in the press then call their bluff…They will fold like Sister Sarah did half-way thru her term as AK’s gov…

  • Mesa Mick commented on the blog post Now Obama Thinks It’s Time To Create Outside Pressure?

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    Outside pressure from progressives has to be aimed squarly at repugs, teatards and conservatives in general – at ALL levels of governance. The heat has to be turned up to the point that when folks think of anything or anybody on the right-wing it has to remind them of an open cess pool.

    That’s how you get things done…Beat up the opposition to the point they fear for their jobs as an elected official. Anything less is simply like prayin’ – You think you’re doin’ something but in reality your simply wasting time.

    As for the pressure on the dems…Not to worry – When these pee-pants see the (R)s getting the bejesus beat out of them like what’s going on in WI they will get on board…Remember, they are not stupid, just pussies…

  • Mesa Mick commented on the blog post Obama Apparently Was Hoping for a Trifecta

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    All this talk about “playing nice” with those out to kill us is really, really sad. No wonder progressive, libserals and dems are seen as a bunch of peapants who bring bibles to handgrenade fights.

    As for trying to eliminate those whackos that will kill us just for grins, shooting and missing at them is almost as an effective move as blowin’ ‘em yto bits with drones and bombs. As a matter of self defense I would prefer they hit their marks but we gottem scurrying around with fear in their eyes and that I think we all can agree on is a good thing for our general safety…

  • Mesa Mick commented on the diary post Watercooler – Hispanics Are Fleeing From Arizona by Jim Moss.

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    The opening lines 6 & 7 of SB1070 stated the primary intent of the bill was to create a climate that discouraged Mexicans – legal or otherwise – from coming toor staying in the state of AZ. It’s working and there is dancing in the halls around Rusty Pearce’s office and in the office of [...]

  • Another one of those “command decisions” our POTUS and his band of “maybe” men in tights have made. It goes “we’ve decided – not to decide”. Now that’s change you can beleive in if your a little spineless in the areas of a serving justice and a speedy trial…These guys in the WH are going the extra mile to give dems and liberals an even worse street cred for being pussies…