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  • metro222 commented on the blog post December Saw Surge in Obamacare Exchange Signups

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    This is the problem with having all of those millionaires representing us in DC. $1500.00 is nothing to them so they think they really gave us a block buster deal. I was a supporter of this law until I realized that my kids cannot afford these plans. I assumed it was going to be affordable. My only hope is that the sooner all of this crashes , the soon we will become a single payer nation.

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    I don’t mean to change the subject but I am wondering what really happened to Ed Schultz ???? Why did he leave his weeknight spot ??? Anyone know???

  • metro222 commented on the diary post Obama’s “mess of pottage” by Eric Laursen.

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    If the Dems in the house and senate back Obama on these cuts they are going to pay a price. The party is going to walk the line now. My guess is that it will fail. I cannot see those Dems coming up for re-election supporting this and having to face the Labor Unions in [...]

  • My feelings exactly onitgoes. I helped a homeless women with 2 children back in the ’80′s. Before Bill Clinton got his hands on our poor this women was able to get help with housing and a host of other things that she needed. Because of Bill Clinton, today newborn babies leave the hospital and go directly to homeless shelters , something unheard of back in the 80′s. We have more poverty today because of his good old Blue Dog policies. And remember , medicaid can collect from the assets of the elderly pay back for any service that was provided to them when they die. Thanks to Bill Clinton the good old Democrat for the people President our inheritance to our kids will go to the government. Any one for Hilary for President ????

  • This is interesting. The other day I received a copy of an e-mail from my tea party neighbor. It was a circulation within the tea party trying to arouse their members to protest cuts to Social Security. They complained that they are offended by the reference of “entitlement” and protested that they paid for this program and it was their money. They sited “foreign aide” and said it was time that the American People were taken care of first. The e-mail encouraged people to call their representatives and protest.

  • metro222 commented on the blog post Technological Unemployment To Hit Service Sector

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    I am with you. I find this exciting. And yes workers will move up the ladder to challenging jobs.

  • The Republicans would cut SS, Medicare and Medicaid in an instant without thinking twice about it as long as there are no tax increases attached to it. They have wanted to do this for years but getting a Democrat to carry the ball would be extra sweet…like Clinton did with Welfare. The Republicans are driving this deal and Obama thinks that this is the only asset he has to bargain with….so he does not need anyones vote anymore and he has convinced a whole bunch of stupid Democrats to support it therefore the “old folks” were not his major supports so what the hey…right????

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    Rubio is such a joke. I can’t believe that anyone takes him seriously. Didn’t he get into some trouble in Florida when he was in the State House. Something to do with inappropriate spending of taxpayers money on personal expenses? Are we surprised ??

  • Boy you got that right. Any Dem who votes for SS reduction should be taken out of office next election.

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    As I have said many times before the south is a “whole different world” and we should have built a fence down there along time ago and let them be in their own country. And now is the time to start lobbying for a elected Supreme Court.

  • metro222 commented on the blog post MT Sen: Schweitzer Touts Primary Poll Against Baucus

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    God yest..somebody Primary that Jerk.

  • metro222 commented on the blog post Tea Party Sends Out Picture Of Karl Rove In Nazi Uniform

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    Don’t you just love it when they go for each others throats ???

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    Congressman…..I am thrilled you are back in D.C. It gives me great comfort to consider you my congressman because I agonize every time I am reminded that Eric Paulson represents me. I have been contributing to your reelection efforts when contacted by various groups that support you and will continue to do so.

  • metro222 commented on the diary post Billionaire Spongers and Tax Dodgers Want to Buy Their Own Randian Paradise near Detroit by Phoenix Woman.

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    Don’t ever underestimate these slugs. With Behner and the rest of the Leadership in DC anything is possible.

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    Capitalism to me is an American Communist system. Most people never really profit from working in a capitalist society. Only those ruling Capitalists who own the banks and corporations and pass the riches down to their heirs are profiting from pure Capitalism. Those who work and help promote the Kochs, Gates etc. I view as [...]

  • metro222 commented on the blog post Every Day the Senate Gets More Idiotic: Chuck Hagel Edition

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    This whole problem is the fault of Harry Reid and the deal he cut on filibuster. Hagel should just drop it and tell Obama to find someone else.

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    Where have worker cooperatives been formed and how many people are organized ?????

  • metro222 commented on the blog post GOP Decides to Use Filibuster Power Democrats Gave Them

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    This is the fault of Harry Reid and he should pay for it by losing the next election.

  • metro222 commented on the diary post Joe Scarborough’s Attack on Stimulus by Dean Baker.

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    These people are a joke. I don’t know why anyone bothers going on this show. Half of the time they are not even there. Joe S could not make it working in disciplined private corporation setting punching a clock like we do but he has all kinds of advice for the rest of us. MSNBC [...]

  • This guy will just jump into another “cushy” job. These people never loose much. I am sure he thought about the day he would get busted but the consequences are so small why not risk it.

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