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  • I am sad to see you go, but I am proud to have contributed to your great blog. Thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. I will follow you on Facebook.

    I am also happy you came to my house a few years ago when you covered SCC. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, Darlene and I would love to take you out for dinner. You are always welcome here.

  • Once again, Rush has his head where the sun doesn’t shine. (Surprised?) He knows damn well that it takes YEARS to put big movies together. I wouldn’t be surprised that the script for this movie was written 3 to 5 years ago, while the last Batman movie was coming out. Very few American had ever heard of Bain Capital back then, so this is nothing more than a wonderful coincidence. And, Rush has no damn business bitching about anyone else’s former drug use. He is becoming the biggest f–khead in America.

  • Were there ever a Jewish organization that supported Hitler because of his economic policies? Were there ever an African American organization that supported the KKK? And yet, there are not only one rich, white, gay men organization that supports the GOP, but TWO of them. Seems that Jewish people and African Americans have learned from history rather well, but the Log Cabin Repugs and GOProud can’t seem to learn anything.

    What makes these certain rich, white gay men so clueless? Just because their skin is white, they have a lot of money and they have a penis isn’t going to make the Republicans love them any more. They are like forever-pledges at a fraternity who are constantly being paddled on the butt by the GOP and then they scream, “Thank you, sir! Can I have another?” The whole concept of supporting any Republican makes my skin crawl.

  • I don’t need to come to any new conclusions about Alveda King. I made up my mind about her bigotry when she was pimped out by NOM when they had their bus tour a few years ago and came to Atlanta. Her bigotry makes Bernice King’s past rantings look like love poems.

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    I’ve been on the opposite side of an argument with Barney Frank and let me tell you, it isn’t a pleasant experience. I was disappointed that Frank didn’t point out that Perkins’ organization is an official hate group. I think the reason Matthews was so hard on Perkins and why he has him come back is to get a chance to beat on him a bit more.

  • Bill, you and I hardly ever agree, but this time, I have to totally agree with you. (sigh).

  • Such a nice long list of organizations, but I noticed no trans-specific organizations on the list. Why? Because getting married isn’t very high on our list priorities. Having a job, a place to live, putting food on the table and health care are far more important.

  • Yes. According to a person in the know, ENDA will further clarify this for employers. The EEOC ruling is a huge win, but there will have to be several court cases, with the Supreme Court finally ruling. That can be a decade away. ENDA would make court cases less likely.

  • So, what name will they go under? The “Talaban” and “Al-Qida” are already taken. The KKK party? Naaah. The New Nazis? The Genghis Khan Party? They can revise the British Wig party, which was around from the 1680s to the 1850s. It’s the time period where they want to take our country back to. It’s fun trying to come up with names that best describe their archaic thinking.

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    My bigot dost protest too much, me thinks.

  • Ron, I’m sorry for your loss. I lived in Arizona during the time of Goldwater. He didn’t want government in people’s bedrooms and even said once, “You don’t have to be straight to shoot straight.” The early crop of extremism Republicans started arriving on the scene before he died and tried to get his approval. He didn’t like any of them. The ones today would be chastised by him, but to no avail.

    It reminds me of a commercial Bank of America is running about them lending a family in the 1930s the money to start a hot dog business and the members of the family said how friendly and helpful the bank was. This is suppose to somehow make people think BoA hasn’t changed in 80 years. As we all know, that’s BS. Well, the new crop of Republicans are trying to pull the same prank, evoking Reagan’s memory, thinking they can get traction from his name. Even Barbara Bush thinks they’re a bunch of idiots. The pendulum has swung to the far extreme right. It’ll take time for it to come back.

  • Because of this article and the stupid Colorado state house, I made a new video called: “A Fetus is NOT a Person.”

  • Looking at my driver’s, I see “Date of Birth.” It doesn’t say “Date of Conception.” All 50 states use DoB on their driver’s licenses, meaning THAT’s when a state officially recognizes you as a person. Any time before that moment, you don’t legally exist.

    That means that no matter what they want to say with these stupid laws, a state issued driver’s contradicts their stupidity. If I was a woman who was arrested in violating ANY of these laws, that would be my defense. It seems that no one has pointed this out, yet. Any lawyers out there care to comment?

  • You think they’ll be able to hold Fox accountable for anything?

  • I lived in Arizona and even met the man, when he was just playing Sheriff and not being such a dipsh–. However, I have seen pictures of him talking and laughing with known skinhead Nazis. The man is in charge of true hate group that is as dangerous as many on the FBI watch list and SPLC’s list. I guess that being an officially-elected law-enforcement officer somehow exempts him and his department from being put on the hate-group list. That’s not very comforting to know.

    I included him in a video I just made called, “The Beauty and Ugliness of Arizona,” at: You can guess what part he fit into.

  • And, keep in mind, we can’t do “Enron Activism,” where you hang all of your activism actions on one process. You need to spread them out to different ways. Some times, one person is good with just one form of action, while others will try different ways. Autumn does different forms of activism, as do I. If people don’t wish to do any, that is also fine. Simply put, if you are not comfortable with doing something, then you will not do it effectively. We all have our comfort zones. Stay in it.

  • I understand what you are talking about. I’ve been working for the same company for 22 years. A mortgage company is allowing me to live in their house. My partner, Darlene is defending her PhD dissertation in April or May. We don’t have careers as trans activists. Your last paragraph fits my life and my way of thinking 100% (except the CEO part.) So, I see us as being in agreement.

  • You are right. You have to have other things in your life. Autumn has many other things in her life that have nothing to do with be trans. I seen the plants she grows outside her old apartment. I couldn’t do that. That’s just one thing. However, all we see here on PHB is the activist Autumn. Too bad not many of you get to interact with the Autumn I’ve come know over they years. That’s the part that is not being shown here that often, and that can give people a false image of Autumn.

    As an example of one of my outside activities, take a look at this video: I’m even in a club here in the Atlanta area.

  • Yes, she said that. But, Autumn takes a walk every day, yet this doesn’t happen to her every day. It happens to me rarely. Are you willing to admit it happens to you as well, on rare occasions? Out of 7 billion people on this planet, I’m willing to bet there are plenty who can notice things more than others. No one can remain stealth to everyone. No one.

  • Mak, I have been with Autumn in the public, and in stressful situations. We spent a couple of hours in an Atlanta AmTrak station while they looked for her lost luggage. She didn’t get those “I-know-what-you-are” looks. Neither of us did, standing together. I was with her in a Washington DC Italian restaurant, a Greek/Italian restaurant in Cobb County, GA (a well-known bigot county) and the base commissary in San Diego. My partner drove her around to computer repair places in GA and they ate at a mom and pop restaurant. Everyone anywhere saw her as nothing more than another woman. And, if they noticed, no one made any indication. Do you know when people notice you? Do you even care? She passes very well. So, your initial assumption is full of holes. If the real reason is that you don’t like Autumn, then don’t make baseless assumptions on something you know nothing about. It would have been better to remain silent and let people think you’re a fool then to type these words and confirm it.

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