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    If Denton, TX is squaring off against the Bush Crime Family, then the correctness of their legal position will avail them not. Everything can be appealed up to the “Supreme” Court, which BushCo already owns (see Bush v. Gore). Having the Judicial Branch on the company payroll trumps being right.

  • Yes, we must do this.

    No, it won’t make any difference. The concerns of ordinary working people will not outweigh the bribes paid to legislators by corporate fat-cats to make it happen. They get richer, we get poorer, as usual.

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    The Senate is not “gridlocked”; the Republicans are obstructing legislation.

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    No, that was the Doormat-In-Chief acquiescing to the foreign policy agenda of the ICP. He’s going to arm some Syrian rebels, bomb some others, etc., just as the war-mongers have commanded.

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    Initiatives to legalize marijuana or other issues which interest liberals would cause quite a few stay-at-homers to get off the couch and go vote. There are no candidates interesting enough to get people to the polls. It’s hard to motivate people to be involved in the political process when there are only two parties to choose from: the Insane Clown Posse and the Doormats. Regardless of who we vote for, the Insane Clowns still get to set policy for the nation. Witness two terms of President Doormat…

  • DiFi should stop whining; the Gestapo she has helped to finance and empower was merely keeping her safe from terrorists.

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    Not likely. Pollution billionaires own and control every government in the world today and they consider divine-right plutocracy to be the natural order of things. Why would their descendents feel any differently?

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    What’s this guy complaining about? The SCOTUS already gave him the go-ahead to buy as many politicians as he can afford. The problem with these fascist fat-cats is that they are not content to be obscenely wealthy. They are not happy unless everyone else is living in abject poverty. It is not enough for them to own several congress-people. They must also see to it that all non-billionaires are disenfranchised.

    But we already know this. My real question is: why are the idiotic notions of sociopathic nincompoops with money reported with slavish devotion by the news media? What makes this guy’s stupid ideas newsworthy?

  • Doesn’t matter if there were 300 million signatures on the petition. 0bama works for the .01 percent, and they want to steal every penny from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in order to make themselves richer at the expense of working tax-payers. 0bama supports that idea 1000%.

  • If 0bama could execute Manning today, he would do so. This kid is going to spend his life in prison for being a whistle-blower. Another 0bama legacy.

  • These technicalities only matter in the minds of Democrats. Republicans will have the same objectives tomorrow as they do today and have had since 1980: to destroy the US government, to loot the economy for their own enrichment, and to impoverish and enslave all non-billionaire Americans. It is a serious mistake to regard the GOP as a political party when they are in fact a criminal gang. 0bama and the Dems in Congress refuse to acknowledge this, however, and are very eager to give away all of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, food stamps, school lunches, etc., in the hope of getting a cut of the loot from their corporate bosses. There is no way to oppose the fascist Republican takeover when the Vichy Democrats are so completely committed to helping them obliterate the last vestiges of government of, by, and for the People.

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    I wish I believed that Obama et al. were poised to do the right thing for the environment and those of us who inhabit it. But I don’t. The fossil-fuel pushers will wave their magic checkbooks and every American politician, including Obama, will do their bidding, just as they always have.

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    0bama will have his god-damned “Grand Bargain”, literally at all costs. It will be our Democratic “Hope” and “Change” president who will kill Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in exchange for…what? Kick-backs from fat-cats. Ther prosperity of a nation doesn’t count when personal wealth is the true objective.

  • Oh, I see, “both sides do it”! So it must be okay to ignore the will of the people when fat-cats’ money is at stake, right? Obama and Romney BOTH want American citizens to be subservient to the ideology of Netanyahu and the Likudniks, because the American tax dollars which are given away to Israel [...]

  • So this means I can kidnap and torture my own enemies and it’s all hunkey-dorey?? Cool!! I’ve got a list…

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    Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama; the Enemies of American democracy, and the agents of plutocratic, sociopathic, extremism. The American postal service is written into our Constitution, but if there’s no identifiable ultra-right-wing fat-cat making a profit from some activity, then the Constitution doesn’t count to our politicians, including (perhaps especially) 0bama and his henchmen. Constitution [...]

  • Common sense and scientific evidence don’t count for anything in our political “system”. The outcome will be determined by which deep-pocketed lobbyists have paid off the judges. Hint: there are no lobbyists representing medical marijuana patients.

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    What can be done? The US government has more Gestapos than we even know about. The FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, DHS, DIA, and several corporations working as contractors (Blackwater, DynCorp, etc.) keep all Americans under surveillance at all times. We are merely serfs in a corporate-fascist police state, and if we get out of line, we can be dragged off to a government dungeon to be tortured to death, or just summarily executed as “suspected terrorists”. How do we fight that? Re-elect 0bama? Ha! 0bama has expanded the power of those Gestapos more than his idol Dick Cheney ever did. Appeal to Congress? The Supreme Court? I would laugh, but it’s really not funny. American politicians are the most corrupt gangsters on Earth.

    I guess it’s important to know how bad things have gotten in this country, but it would be helpful if there were some sort of plan for fixing the situation. I can’t think of one short of a revolution.

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    Strictly personal opinion, of course, but Chris Hayes is worth watching on both Saturday AND Sunday. Possibly the best, or perhaps the only good weekend jabber-fest going. Not the “usual suspects” week after week.

  • USA = Police State

    This is the way 0bama wants it.

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