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    I’m an old white guy from the US and it would be very easy for me to say get over it. But I’m one that doesn’t use the n-word, the f-word, (no, not that one, the one we used to reserve for gay men) or the c-word (for women). Even though I’m old enough to [...]

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    And what “hate speech” would be banned, if they could, in the US? Why, calling the LBGT bigots bigots, of course.

  • Nope, didn’t forget. But after a couple of generations it becomes much more difficult to segregate and discriminate, especially if the (white) person leaves the ethnic ghetto and assumes the traits of the larger society. Racial minorities don’t have that option.

    With the exception of the very light skinned, the larger society always knew who was Black. Get rid of the last name and the accent and viola, I’m no longer Irish, but a child of the Mayflower. Can’t call out the Paddy wagon on me!

    My son’s cousins with one white parent look white and could probably go their entire lives without being asked “where are you from?” He’s a little darker, so the assumption is he’s Mexican (no, not Latino – Mexican!) although the cop that gave him a speeding ticket checked the white box.

    Obviously these kids are growing up in a different world, but for the batshit base his cousins with one Black parent will be looked at suspiciously while the ones with one white parent get a pass from the white supremacists.

    So I’m still not sure how the GOP manages to get their plan past the base to elect someone who’s either not actually batshit or made to look batshit in the primaries.

  • Can someone speculate on how that will play out?

    The problem for the GOP is their batshit crazy base, which doesn’t admit it hates non-whites but hates them all the same. Some individuals might hate one group more than the other, but the problem is the minorities are not white.

    How does GOP leadership break off that hatred of everything non-white to isolate Blacks?

    The only reason the Irish etc. were able to assimilate to the extent they did is that they were white.

    My wife is Asian, I’m white – no one asks me where I’m “from” even though I was born in Germany and she was raised in California. Talk to either one of us on the phone and you don’t we’re “other.” See her in person and the bigotry comes out – at least in Orange County, CA.

    Spend some time in Santa Ana and then in south Orange County, which where I live is teabag heaven and home of the Saddleback Church, notorious for their support for kill the gays in Uganda. There’s much more animus towards Latinos and Asians than to Blacks down here – probably because Blacks have been pretty well excluded from the OC.

    Don’t think the Asians and Latinos don’t know that the teabaggers hate them. I’m not seeing a path to “now we only hate Blacks, you Latinos and Asians are now OK.”

    Speaking Spanish or any Asian language is red meat to the batshit insane – how does the GOP leadership change that? They’re being led by the bigoted base, not leading them, which was not the case when it became OK to be white, not just WASP.

    If that wasn’t true the GOP would be in control of the Senate today (see Delaware, Missouri, Indiana etc.) and perhaps the White House.

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    WTF!?! Why the uncritical reporting of the church’s claims (lies?) about the protesters. (see “The encampment at St. Paul’s forced the closing of the cathedral for safety and health reasons.”) That sure seems far from the reality on the ground. I’ve been lightly following this through David Allen Green at the New Statesman. One line [...]

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