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  • Ok, just to correct the record. No one in media, politics, or leadership positions has assigned BLAME to Palin, Angle, Tea Party, Limbaugh, or Beck. In face, they have gone out of their way to say that these people are NOT to blame for the shooting. Everyone is agreeing that this is the act of an apparently mentally unbalanced individual. What is being said is that eliminationist rhetoric CONTRIBUTES TO AN UNHEALTHY ATMOSPHERE. Therefore it is irresponsible of these politicos to change the charges from negative influence to blame and it would be irresponsible of people looking to deal with this situation not to call out people engaging in eliminationist rhetoric to tone it down. Did this shooting by this man get prompted by the eliminationist rhetoric, maybe not, but it does not matter. We all knew something like was on the horizon as the rhetoric ratcheted up and became filled with killing and gun references.