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    As much as I admire David Swanson, I cannot let his glorification of Oscar Arias pass without reminding him of the worse than shameful role Arias played as the US puppet-master, duping the deposed gullible Manuel Zelaya into duplicitous talks with the Honduran Golpistas, clearly at the behest of the US government, and selling out [...]

  • It’s amazing…almost inspiring…to see how they can instantly start up and mobilize to attack and discredit any perceived criticism. You may remember the Oakland’s Museum of Children’s Art cancelling the scheduled show of Gaza children’s art last September. Very shortly after, this appeared: http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2011/09/fake-child-artists-of-gaza.html?m=1 libelling the children. Does this even embarass those of the the [...]

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    If you mean to imply that I fail to grasp the intent of the law, I will take it as the insult you intended.

    However, the law, at least as it is presented here, does not seem to foreclose informed and intelligent argument on the expressions and criticisms of the students, and any science teacher worth a damn (which is somewhat less than all of them) should be able to turn the occasion to his (and the students’) advantage. There is widely used name for this, but I do not want to turn my stomach using it.

    Of course, some administrator will use the law (or attempt to use it) to squelch the teacher who uses the opportunity as I propose (what else are administrators for?), but the resulting lawsuit would make Inherit the Wind look like an amateur production.

    Science is one of the most poorly taught subjects in the public schools. How many students come out of high school (and even college) knowing that a theory is little more that a guess? If Tennessee wants to give the teacher a handle (wittingly or not), why not make use of it?

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    I should think good teachers would not only “allow” questioning and criticism of’“controversial” scientific theories such as evolution’, but would welcome and foster them. Think of the interest and excitement the teacher could generate in the students by opening the forum up to open and reasoned and coherent argument…an interest and excitement that just following the text-book is not likely to engender…not to mention exposing the students to what real argument looks like. A teacher who can’t overcome creationist and intelligent design arguments shouldn’t be teaching the subject.

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    I think this is where Mr Swanson maybe begs the question a bit:

    We don’t distinguish between good and bad rape, just and unjust slavery.

    But we do. Maybe not always openly and flagrantly, but to minisculely lesser and varying degrees depending on the identity and the appearance and the politics of the rapist and the victim…and [...]

  • Hillary distilled: What is the boundary of the Jewish state of Israel? What authorities does it have? What jurisdiction will it ultimately be allowed to endow itself with? Who knows? Nobody knows because those are the hard issues that can only be resolved by the passage of time and negotiations and the establishment of facts [...]

  • A follow-up question (but only in an alternate universe) might have been, “Mr President, how is it that your Justice Department is moving heaven and earth to find something…anything…criminal to charge Wikileaks and Julian Assange with (in the face of your assurances that they are, in fact, criminals), and yet no such actions are being taken with regard to the bankers? Are there massive investigations and grand-juries we don’t know about? Are Swedish rape charges pending against Jamie Dimon?”

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    Is “probably guilty” the appropriate standard of proof in any criminal case? Are non-capital defendants entitled to a lower standard of proof?

  • How exactly does one achieve a goal without having one? By accident? Random chance?
    I’m obviously missing something.

    You obviously are. Perhaps if you could tell us what “a goal” is, we’d be able to help you with your problem.

  • People keep likening this to Egypt… the problem is Egyptians had demands!

    You may have put your finger on the problem. Yes, they had nice specific demands. And, because they did, the PTB (and just think about who that is) were able to bargain on those demands and give a little here and make some adjustments there and give some sort of promises (hope) for the future, and the Egyptians got what they have now…a military dictatorship to the liking of the PTB.

    One way or another…. they’re going to need demands.

    One way or another…the demands may be used to strangle them.
    As it is, their strength is in the process, and the process is to give voice to anyone and everyone.

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    …no citizen can be deprived of life, liberty and property without due process…

    I searched the fifth amendment for the word “citizen” from top to bottom and couldn’t find it. The damn thing just kept talking about “person” and “persons”. Maybe Al-Awlaki was the first of the black cows (if you choose not to count Padilla) [...]

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    “You might think that they’d have learned something about overreach, after their behavior with the flotillas.” What they’ve learned about overreach is that, no matter how far they stretch, they can’t exceed what the US government will permit and support and the US Congress demand. Whatever Israel does, the message they get seems to be, [...]

  • Not quite exactly. What I am saying is that she is worthless (actually, somewhat less than), and that her pro-LGBT stance (which, I gather from the post above mine, is driven by existent facts in her personal life) does not redeem her…let alone make her praiseworthy. Being right on one issue does not excuse her from her execrable record. If she is a useful idiot, use her as such. But don’t put her on a pedestal.

    If that needs clarification, I’ll be glad to supply it.

  • Fine…everybody in Congress is a scumbag like her, so let’s extol her for her extraordinary positions on LGBT…if I get your point. And let’s get into an argument about I/P, because we sure as hell don’t want to talk about her (except for LGBT, of course).

  • Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy all over. I can hardly wait to vote for her…

    and for the permanent extension of tax-cuts for the rich,
    and permanent renewal of the PATRIOT Act,
    and for all future bank bail-outs,
    and for unlimited funding for the military,
    and for unlimited aid to the Israeli occupation of Palestine,
    and for continued immunity for war criminals and torturers,
    and for the reduction and elimination of social security and Medicare,
    and for the government’s right to spy on its citizens,
    and for military tribunals for everyone,
    and for…have you gotten the idea by now?

    This woman is a slithering piece of shit. She is as bad as we have got in congress.
    And you are singing her praises because she’s on the right side of LGBT?

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    Wouldn’t it be lovely to have DoJ pleading state secrets against the discovery?

  • “I am amazed that a department head would really suggest that it is the responsibility of the justice department to ensure that his professors are not teaching students to break the law.” But even if it is DoJ’s responsibility, the OPR investigation found professional misconduct. To brush that aside with Margolis’ whitewash is to endorse [...]

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    That’s who, DW. I ran across them and Glen Ford when I was feeling very lonely in my attitude towards Obama. They had him nailed…and I felt much better. Gotta say…obama didn’t disappoint. He’s come through with flying colors, and exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t have imagined the exultations of depravity he is capable of.

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    I think you owe Swanson an apology.
    What to Ask Eric Holder
    By dswanson – Posted on 12 January 2009


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    You’re right about Obama. It was clear from the very first debate that Obama would campaign pubicly against Bush’s unitary presidency while really wanting him to grab more and more powers for him (Obama) to have when he took office. (Actually, it was clear before that to the Black Agenda, but who had heard of [...]

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