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  • micki commented on the blog post Obama Touts 8 Million Exchange Sign Ups

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    How many of that touted 8 million already had health insurance?

    In my own family I can count five people whose plans were cancelled and were required to purchase on the exchanges — 2 daughters, one son-in-law, one brother, one sister.

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    BrandonJ — I never miss reading your Roundup, which is always impressive in its scope. Thank you.

    But, with that said, I think you mean the Atlantic (this isn’t meant as criticism):

    The Obama administration has given the O.K. to companies to look for oil and natural gas reserves near the Arctic

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    I read FDL everyday, including comments. You are astounding in your depth of knowledge on health insurance matters, so I’m glad this got your attention.

    I found out the hard way. My husband was “in hospital” last month, was discharged after five full days there, died 6 days later at home, then I found out about this BS.

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    From TNYT — New Old Age Blog:

    Fighting Observation Status

    As you note, no one from the fed govt would comment because of pending litigation; same thing mentioned in the linked article above. This problem is growing.

    Too much emphasis is placed on being discharged to a nursing home, as though that’s the only problem with the “observation only” status. Medicare can decide to not pay whether the patient goes home or to a rehab/nursing facility.

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    Jon, I would like to suggest that you look into the ramifications of “inpatient” and “outpatient/observation status” for Medicare patients who are “admitted” to a hospital.

    More and more hospitals are “admitting” patients but are not required to inform the patients (or their family members) as to the status of the patient. Even if a patient is admitted on an “inpatient” basis, Medicare can reverse the hospital’s decision and deny reimbursement to the facility.

    A person can be in the hospital, but not considered an “inpatient” under Medicare rules. If the person is “observation status” (outpatient) — even though she could have been in the hospital for days (even weeks), Medicare is not required to pay one red cent for care given when a patient is not considered “inpatient.”

    Seniors and their families get the shock of their lives when they belatedly discover that, even though the patient had Part A, Part B, and medi-gap policy, that Medicare will not reimburse the hospital for their medical care.
    This travesty has been exacerbated by the ACA rules that penalize hospitals for readmissions — if a patient is readmitted within 30 days of a previous stay, Medicare penalizes the hospital by paying either drastically reduced or none of the costs.

    The Center for Medicare Advocacy, and co-counsel National Senior Citizens Law Center, filed a class-action lawsuit against Kathleen Sebelius in 2011. The lawsuit alleges that placing patients on “observation status” is illegal and caused undue harm to the plaintiffs.

    Bagnall v. Sebelius states that the use of observation status violates the Medicare Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Administrative Procedure Act, and the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.

    I have no idea what the status is of that suit, as of this date. But, there are other suits in litigation. Many of them.

    It’s about time there is more light aimed at this deplorable policy that few people are aware of.
    While the observation status bullshit has been around for several years, the penalties to hospitals for high readmissions are part of the Affordable Care Act.

    Someone should conduct a poll re attitudes about ACA once more citizens are aware of this policy that is, IMO, designed to dismantle not only the intent, but the application, of Medicare.

    All this attention to the crummy website — and this kind of shit goes unmentioned!

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  • micki commented on the diary post You Can Keep Your Insurance and the Washington Post Fact Checker: Round II by Dean Baker.

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    One reason I find it disgusting that so-called progressives or liberals continue to defend Obamacare is that the gerry-rigged POS legislation creates even more elitism and inequality in our society regarding access to adequate health CARE. Frank Bruni makes a point in his column titled, “The Extra Legroom Society: — …”Bronze, silver, gold, platinum: a vocabulary [...]

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    Obama also said that people could keep their doctors. So all of you thought that the ACA would prohibit them from retiring or dying, right?

    Is someone paying you to look that ridiculous?

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    These three links provide a primer on I-522 — BIG money from the likes of Monsanto, Cargill, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, etc. All the newspapers around the state that took editorial positions against I-522.

    Damned disgusting.




  • Barack Obama has been an active Master of Deception throughout his political life — just one more example.

    In 2009, addressing the annual meeting of the American Medical Association, Obama said: “No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise. If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period.”

  • Absolutely agree with you on this point!

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    I called Rep. Rick Larsen’s (D-WA) Bellingham office. Response: “Congressman Larsen is still gathering constituent comments…will make his decision next week.” (no shit)

    I asked if she could tell me which way the comments are skewing, yea or nay. Got a bit of a song & dance, but she eventually admitted that (the calls that she’s taken) are overwhelmingly NO on military attack on Syria.


    “NO” exponentially outnumbers yes votes. I urge you to take the poll (for all the good it’ll do) :-(

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    My rep, Rick Larsen (D-WA), asked on his FB “what do you think?” in regards to Obama’s authorization to take military action on Syria. If he listens to his commenters (constituents), he should VOTE NO. But, we shall see…


  • I donated $50 earlier today to this effort. However, when I read these words (below) in Jane’s fundraising request, I almost deleted her email because I really, really hate it when Obama is given credit for actions/beliefs that run counter to what he actually does.

    President Obama and John Kiriakou share the belief that torture — and waterboarding in particular — runs counter to American ideals and values.

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    I wouldn’t place a bet either way on whether Obama approves or rejects KXL. The PTB always have a Plan B on the shelf, ready to go.

    Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe is among U.S. and Canadian railroads that stand to benefit if Obama reject’s TransCanada’s Keystone XL oil pipeline permit.

    With very little expansion, RRs can handle all new oil produced in western Canada through 2030, according to an analysis of the Keystone proposal by the U.S. State Department.

    As we know, environmental groups have campaigned to stop KXL because leaks could threaten drinking water and processing Alberta crude produces more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil.

    Railroads present environmental issues, too. Moving crude on trains produces more global warming gases than a pipeline, according to the State Department.

    If the cross-border KXL section is rejected, Bill McKibben and many others will claim victory — however, whether KXL is rejected or not, tar sands will be a part of the noxious mix to further degrade the planet.


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    The poll found that 62 percent of Americans favor banning high-capacity ammunition clips and 51 percent back a ban on so-called “assault rifles,”…


    A slight majority of Americans do not want assault weapons banned in the aftermath of Newtown according to a USA Today/Gallup poll out Wednesday.

    Specifically on an assault weapons ban, 51 percent of respondents were against the measure, while 44 percent said they support it…

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    There once was a lass named Jane,
    Who kept us from going insane,
    Thanks for the ‘Lake!
    You keep us “awake,”
    A toast with the finest champagne!

  • As Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report noted, O is the “more effective evil.”

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