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  • Maybe I’m entirely naive, but I don’t think there’s an ice cube’s chance in h_ll that Social Security is going to disappear. Even those everyday Americans who are far-right-wing Republicans (I’m not talking about members of Congress) don’t want to see their government-run “nest egg” go the way of the tse-tse fly. For the overwhelming number of Americans, Social Security is all they have as they enter their retirement years. Most people simply make enough money to get them from paycheck to paycheck. Most of these same people don’t have any pensions, 401(k)s, or IRAs.

    In my opinion, this “talk” by Eric Cantor is just more scare-tactic rhetoric spewed out from on-high to try and scare Congressional Democrats into doing what Cantor and the rest of his goons want them to do with regard to the budget and expenditures.

    Furthermore, I totally disagree with the assessment made by Harry Reid: “Back off Social Security. It’s in great shape for the next many decades. Let’s worry about Social Security when it’s a problem. Today, it’s not a problem.” First of all, oh yes it is a problem. It sure is a problem. Harry Reid’s assessment is simply not correct. As the narrator of this story said: “…last year [2010], the [Social Security] program paid out more than it took in.” Secondly, Reid is taking a position that is ENTIRELY descriptive of the reason that we have so many problems in America. We WAIT until Johnny is killed in the crosswalk BEFORE we install the red light. That’s like saying, “Let’s wait until all of the countries of the world stop sending oil to the USA. That’s when we’ll look at alternative forms of energy.” I like Harry Reid, but he’s dead wrong on this one.

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