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    This is an interesting and well thought out piece. I might suggest that sexual orientation is on a spectrum, that some people are more polarized than others. The reasons for this seem less important than respecting boundaries. While there are many aspects of radical feminist thought that are of interest, the branches that try or [...]

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    Good post. It’s worth noting how comfortable our culture is with the idea that people who need assistance should be treated like children. Also the failure to provide funding for such as hygiene items results in a black market that is entirely unneccessary and costs the recipients.

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    We have block parties in August where I live. One is invited by the gendarmes to host them. The point seems to be to encourage people to snitch out their neighbors.

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    Thanks for all the comments, peoples.

    “Are There No Workhouses?”

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    What to do, what to do? Now that there is going to be this HUGE Republican win, that will make all our taxes go away and everything will be free. That’s all well and good, but what about the leftover people? You know the ones I mean. The inferior ones. The ones that don’t deserve [...]