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  • Combine this with reports of some of the religious right who have said these children should be kidnapped and you get a frightening picture.

  • He doesn’t even know the function of enzymes. For the record they are catalysts. Enzymes do not cause aids. That is the job of HIV of the family retroviridae genus lentivirus. The ignorance is so bright it makes me blind.

    This man is cut from the same cloth as Todd Akin. They use pseudo science to attempt to justify the enforcement of their religious ideology. The problem is these people get into positions of power and can actually use that power to implement their ignorance on the rest of us.

  • If the FRC’s lips are moving lies are coming out. They can’t exist without lying.

  • How about we tie the debt ceiling to congressional pay? No increase no pay, no insurance, no benefits what so ever.

  • I am not optimistic as others seem to be about this. I would rather Scalia or Thomas retire and Obama appoint a new Justice first. I just fear a 5 to 4 against us.

  • This reaks of desperation and pure bitterness.

  • My 2 cents is … LMAOROFL. Now they have to buy foreign likes? That is damn funny. Can’t get enough people here to like them so go out and buy some.

  • I am one of those idiots. I wrote Dana Milbank. I wrote the following:

    I see in your column a level of ignorance I had not thought possible in you specifically and most reporters in general. You do not have a clue what it is like for us in the lgbt community. You have not had to endure the lies, not spin, outright lies used against us to stir up anti gay sentiments against us. They demagogue us in ways you obviously have not been privy to. My guess is because you have not been on the receiving end of their hate.
    In my youth I had such self loathing because of ignorant individuals who perpetuated the ridiculous myths that FRC still tells about us. Because of those myths at one time I attempted to kill myself. Luckily I did not die. However far to many others have succeeded all because of lies spat out by organizations like FRC.
    You can’t tell me they are not a hate group. They purposefully lie and demagogue me and my kind. They want to recriminalize us and yes worse. Gay marriage is the least of our concerns with them. They call us pedophiles and anything else they can lie about to demonize and dehumanize us. The very same thing was done to the Jews in Europe during WWII. They called the Jews disease, vermin, and said they ate children’s blood on bread. It was of course all just hate filled nonsense but hate filled for sure. How can you with any honesty in your mind say the FRC is not doing the same to us. Have you not studied how hate groups operate? Have you not read more of what FRC has said and thus only assume they are pro family by taking their word. I urge you to take the time to specifically research this group and read the false studies by the likes of Paul Cameron they use to justify their views. I urge you to use due diligence on this group and realize they are labeled a hate group not for their position on marriage but because of their lies about people like me. Do your research.

    Imagine if a man walked into the headquarters of a KKK group somewhere and shot a guard. The KKK then said civil rights groups should quit calling the KKK a hate group because they are really only pro white. Would you then agree?

    Please reconsider your column
    Thank you for your time

    I stand by what I sent him. Before this I had respect for Mr. Milbank. Because of that respect I sent him this letter asking him to go back and fully research this group not just skim their about page online.

  • Pam,

    Thank you so much for this post. I can’t tell you how glad I am your voice is out there being heard. Huggs!

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    He chose the Dr. Kevorkian of Medicare. How nice.

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    He was a vicious human being. Don’t forget the lives he destroyed. He showed no compassion for those he drug through the mud and lied about. He made money off of the misery of others. He was a troll.

  • He is as unelectable as Gingrich. I have a suspicion the real reason more sane republicans are not bothering to run is because they are getting tired of cow towing to the whackadoodles. They don’t agree with them and they know unless they come out and say Obama is a muslim, socialist, genocidal christian killer they won’t make the party nomination. So what is left are the insane fringe. Yep that is todays Republican party.

    There was a time when they actually were a party of ideas. A time when they had sane people who could work well with others. Those days are GONE!

  • Does anyone really believe anything Romney says anymore? Really the man will do and say anything depending on the crowd he is speaking to. I can understand why the Republican base don’t trust him. He is worse than a weather vane in a storm!

  • Are there court challenges to these draconian laws? How can any court say this is ok?

    Freedom to speak out against the religious right… only if you undergo rectal exam.

    Freedom to Assemble… only if you stand in line and agree to be strip searched with emphasis on checking the anal cavity.

    I’m beginning to think this is the new way laws will be enacted to restrict rights.

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    SGK has not reversed itself. Its nothing more than a ploy. Don’t fall for it. They have made sure their criteria has been changed in terms of “pass through screenings” so that PP will no longer qualify in the future.

    Even if PP applies next year they will be turned down because they make screening referrals instead of doing the screenings inside the clinic.

    They are simply performing some sleight of hand here. They are sneaky snakes. They have turned this organization into an arm of Operation Rescue.

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    They had better show up in big numbers and vote. They need to vote not just for Obama but oust every republican they can from the House of Reps and Senate.

  • Don’t mess with Josey Wales. I bet he could so kick Chuck Norris’s butt! lol

  • Until every democrat that votes for this kind of stuff gets primarried and beaten they have no reason to fear us. They take the left for granted and we get shit on every time then come the next election they want us to wipe their asses.

  • This is disgusting. I get so sick and tired of seeing news stories of lgbt being attacked and or murdered just for existing. Exacerbating that is when justice is denied as well. I have to admit I am having a violent reaction in my mind. I am tired of us always being the victims of their hate.

  • For profit colleges make you take classes you could do without for your degree so they can make money. They claim its to make you “well rounded”. BS its so they can charge you more money. I am HORRIBLE at math. I dropped out of college close to getting a degree because I couldn’t pass the stupid college algebra. Ok so I’m bad at math. Why can’t I get a degree in anything but for one class? Oh and Texas and its stupid test system. Yet another way to make you take more classes they can charge you for. Thank you Ross Perot.

    Would you rather a nurse have a complete understanding of your meds or beowulf? A friend of mine from London said they don’t have these issues. They only take the classes they need for their degree.

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