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    Jane – If it means getting a call from you, I have to pony up and join..

    I see the mission of FDL as a simple yet important and difficult one -


    Specific issues change, but the core mission must always be the above…

    Which you have shown you can do oh so well….

    Now I have to figure out which of my kids won’t get fed for a week or so…

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    @Broadstreetbuddy… So you belong to the “what part of illegal do you not understand” group? How did you gain your path to citizenship? Marriage? Luck out in the visa lottery? Come from a place with a higher immigration quota than Mexico and most Central and South American countries? Are you a Cuban who managed to [...]

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    Don’t ya know this is all part of O’s grand strategy? Be more Repug than the Repugs until the second term… then he can become the Great Progressive he promised us in 2008… The measures being implemented against the undocumented are unprecendented and are actually the harbingers of an even more draconian police state than [...]

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    Damn Jane, you should run for Senate… Love your invite to Harry on playing poker… sounds like you could play Harry a game of strip with you in a bikini and him in a full dress suit and he would still stand naked before you lost anything… This whole admin and Congress is straight out of a Shakespearean tragicomedy… a farce… Parliament of Pendejos…

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    Would be lots of fun to post this over at the GOS and watch the flying monkeys come out of their caves….

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    What we as progressives realy need to do is take some pages out of the Tea Party playbook and go after Blue Dogs and Faux Progressives… we gave you money last time and you broke your promises? Screw you this time, we’ll run someone even more progressive against you this time…

    Same goes for local races… time to take the party over

  • ThumbnailToo bad President Obama did not see this documentary when he came into office… As late as February of 2010, President Obama was willing to publicly express his admiration for Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, Chase and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs when questioned about their multimillion diollar bonuses… This appeared in the Feb. 2010 edition of Bllomberg [...]

  • First and most important… Carlos Aparicio, a respected track coach in Phoenix, Arizona, was taken into custody at Phoenix ICE offices this afternoon. Aparicio had gone to the ICE office to request a deferment of his deportation order, which had required him to have left the country by last Friday. No doubt he is now [...]

  • I just love the smell of disinformation in the morning!

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    Great diary, fantastic comments… Here is another bit of recent news regarding Immelt, GE and China
    from Bloomberg News
    GE, Chinese aviation company form joint venture
    CHICAGO (AP) — General Electric Co. said Friday it has formed a joint venture with a Chinese aviation company to develop and market avionics systems for commercial aircraft.

    The venture is an equal partnership between GE Aviation and Aviation Industry Corporation of China.


    Bad News for Boeing as China runs to develop their own commercial aircraft industry….