• The coal-seam gas industry is taking over not only the rural farming sector in Queensland, but is assuming it’s pre-emptive right to drill in suburban neighbourhoods. The tax revenue to government is so large that they give it all a green light. The disruption this is causing to our social fabric has already featured into a spiralling suicide rate. But Queensland farmers are coming up with a new meme to counter this: Homicide before Suicide. They are angry, and they are desperate. Our leaders are worthless. Hopefully science will save us. Thanks for reporting this EPA finding, David.

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    Your courage is very quickly becoming an inspiration to lots of people in Australia. We love you for your courage. Go well, mate.

  • This revision of their ‘mission’ from all to the many is a blessing for almost all of mankind. Maybe this club of kiddy-fiddlers will leave most of us alone now. Since their boy died just for many (i.e., more than ‘few’?) maybe they’ll just go around bothering the many instead of all of us. What a relief that will be.

  • I think something like that has already happened in exactly the the good bishop’s back yard. Why yes, the very seminary that spawned the ultra-conservative, authoritarian Ratigan: Conception Seminary College in Conception Mo. The scene of a multiple murder/suicide a few years ago by a man who was himself the victim of such abuse. And lo! the abbot/rector of Conception Seminary, my own very first philosophy professor, Isaac True has been nailed for doing the nasty to some kids. I’d suggest that you go to Conception seminary’s website but oddly, it’s down.

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