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  • mikejohnson commented on the blog post Mitt Sitting Pretty: Romney Leads Latest Poll of GOP Field

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    Thanks — I hadn’t noticed that. That’s the most interesting finding in the survey. If his placing in this poll gets played up, the media attention alone could boost him up to third place.

    Ron Paul isn’t likely to expand his fan club. Everybody knows Newt Gingrich. Herman Cain is still unknown to most Americans, but his story is appealing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him place ahead of Paul & Gingrich in coming weeks.

  • It accidentally proves my argument about libertarians.

    The government provides services, and you pay for them. If these libertarians think they can get a better deal elsewhere, they’re free to leave. But where would they go?

    There’s no place that offers a better return on tax dollars than the USA. And they know it — if they want an even better deal, they have to seastead.

    Anybody who earns a million dollars a year, or is worth a million dollars, should thank the US for making their wealth possible. They’re not rich despite the government, they’re rich because of it.