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    I have to laugh at the name. If they got everything that they wanted, we’d probably get major contraction, i.e, a depression. On the USBG, I’m guessing there’s three objections : 1) It’s educational, and occasionally ( assuming) inspirational. Can’t have that, at least not publicly funded . ( & they probably don’t consider that [...]

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    Hi ch , all. Maybe ,down in the the lower circles of wingnut hell, it’s on somebody’s agenda to get rid of the ADA . After all people ( at least the wrong kind of people) must be punished for their failings. Also, probably a way to screw somebody, if it’s not there. Not possible to get rid of the ADA, if a treaty has been signed.
    Or, it’s just the Everest philosophy of opposition. Oppose, because it’s there. ;)