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  • miketaylor commented on the diary post Why is this university president afraid of the truth on private prisons? by Jesse Lava.

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    Everyone needs to make sure this move costs FAU more than $6 million (in reduced student enrollees/more student transfers to other colleges, reduced game/event attendance etc.) That’s the only way this kind of stuff gets stopped (i.e. $$$$$, it’s the only thing they understand).

  • miketaylor commented on the diary post Serious Questions About Wikileaks’ Release of Purported Guantanamo SOP by Jeff Kaye.

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    As long as the government refuses to release the original SOP documents, people are naturally going to believe Wikileaks. I’m ok with that attitude, because the treatment of prisoners if supposed to be regulated by international law. The bigger scandal is the government not releasing the SOP documents (which should be required under international law).

  • miketaylor commented on the diary post Republican Governors and the Medicaid Expansion: Capitulation or Manipulation? by E. F. Beall.

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    For the same reason this ‘conservative’ Supreme Court approved the individual mandate, to force people to buy private health insurance through the exchanges ($$$$$), these republican governors are naturally going to play their part (i.e. jump on board with the Medicaid expansion). They had to oppose it initially, to pacify their base, but they will [...]

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    The root cause of the 2008 crash was a concentration of wealth at the very top, i.e. over-valued real-estate + insufficient disposable income in the pockets of consumers (and $4.00 gas was the straw that broke the camel’s back). Then when the inevitable crash (due to the bottom falling out of the consumer economy) happened, [...]

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    Democrats using leverage?
    (begin dream-sequence…..and…..action)

  • It’s a toll to the private-sector, disguised by the ACA (and the Supremes) as a tax. Actually, it’s worse than a toll, it’s a mandated toll. Wonder if there were any Dark Age laws against swimming around a toll ferry?
    The average person doesn’t have any idea how fucked we are.

  • miketaylor commented on the diary post Why is the American left so useless? by David Seaton.

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    Lack of strictness within the ranks. If there’s one thing that the left can learn from the right, it is enforcing strictness within the ranks. The right views desertion from within as a greater threat than opposition from a known enemy (and they’re correct). When daddy Bush backed up on his “Read my lips, no [...]

  • This is the enemy progressives were trying to describe when Obama (and his core supporters) were talking “consensus-building” and blaming liberals and progressives for the decades-long lack of progress due to their inability to build consensus, make concessions (and other ‘purity’ shit).
    I understand there are a lot of people who are new to the process, but they really need to try to learn this lesson. YOU CAN’T (or don’t need to) BUILD CONSENSUS WITH PEOPLE WHO HATE YOU AND WANT TO SEE YOU FAIL
    GOT IT? I sure the f^ck hope so, because the learning process is already way too slow without everybody having to relearn this lesson.

  • miketaylor commented on the diary post Pastor Rick Warren Explains the Financial Crisis by Scarecrow.

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    Money and ignorance.
    Of course it’s not the deregulated banksters. Imagine how many “love offerings” he would quit getting if he put the blame where it belongs.

  • miketaylor commented on the diary post Why Progressives Should Be Very Cautious of Ron Paul. by cmaukonen.

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    The biggest problem with libertarianism is that deregulation is like the libertarian core principal. Deregulation is also the root cause of our worst problems (i.e. deregulated banks, trade etc.). It was also the fundamental principal of the Reagan revolution (i.e. get government out of the way). The no-rules philosophy leads to letting the big dog [...]

  • Getting rid of the 4th branch of government (the Federal Reserve, which actually *IS* the government right now) would be worth some gambles. Since the financial-sector rescues (Grand Heists) the oligarchs no longer needs an “economy”. They have stolen enough tax-revenue (i.e. the people’s money) from world governments to keep their great-great (to the 10th [...]

  • If it’s going to be the corporate agenda anyway, it’s better for democratic constituencies (in the long run) for the corporate agenda to have an “R” on it instead of a “D”.

  • miketaylor commented on the blog post It’s Gonna Be A Weird, Weird Election

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    I call it the “Sharon Angle-angle”. They will get Obama reelected, by scaring liberals to the polls with some psycho-equivalent to Sharon Angle as the republican 2012 presidential candidate. The billionaires must thank (read reward) politicians who work for them (regardless of party), or they might not be there for them the next time they need them. The “Sharon Angle-angle” is how they reward corporate dems (i.e. running psycho ‘candidates’ “against” them).
    The classic example is Harry Reid. He covered for the billionaires (and their senate cronies) wonderfully, by refusing to schedule up-or-down votes on Glass-Steagall, the public option etc. In return for that the billionaires (big banks/private insurance etc.) did everything imaginable to keep from defeating Harry Reid in the midterms. They originally ran “the chicken lady” (Sue Lowden) against Harry Reid, but even after her “take a chicken to the doctor” episode, she was still beating Harry Reid in the polls (i.e. looked like she was going to win), so they started downing “the chicken lady” and pushing the biggest psycho they could round up in the state of Nevada (Sharon Angle). It worked, the protector of big banks/private health insurance industry (Harry Reid) kept his senate seat. If you protect the billionaires, they will protect you (regardless if you have a “D” or and “R” behind your name), and there are plenty of psychos on the republican side for the billionaires to choose from to run against Obama.

  • miketaylor commented on the diary post The Threat and the Picture That May End Obama’s Presidency by Scarecrow.

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    Depressions are harvest seasons for the oligarchs. A (select) few of the super-rich (i.e. oligarchs) made a lot of money off of the Great Depression, buy buying assets for pennies on the dollar, then waiting for (or helping) the economy recover. If we would have just let the markets crash (so they could come in [...]

  • He pissed off MSNBC’s corporate sponsors who are also the “sponsors” both parties. The sponsors pay the light bills at these networks (along with paying off the political leaderships of both parties). They can’t afford to let Cenk wake up too many suckers.

  • miketaylor commented on the diary post Do Progressive Leaders Really Want Change? by ubetchaiam.

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    If ‘progressive’ ‘leaders’ really wanted change, they would have pushed to war-crimes prosecutions against Bush/Cheney in the last congress, the result of which would’ve disgraced and discredited the republican party for decades to come, and finally allowed the progressive electorate to get some real influence in Washington. ‘Progressive’ ‘leaders’ in Washington are just as much [...]

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    It’s not about “fightin’ terror”. If they were really worried about ‘terror’ they would be enforcing US VISA laws (which according to the cover-story is how the 911 hijackers were able to stay in the country long enough to pull off 911). But instead of doing what would have prevented 911 (humoring the cover-story), they [...]

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    They got one thing ass backwards. The same interests that lobbied for NAFTA (i.e. , , , an agreement that many experts predicted would wreck the Mexican economy and further exacerbate poverty in Mexico, have also been lobbying for . And who will these additional millions of NAFTA-impoverished Mexican immigrants work for if these interests [...]

  • I killed a 72 point moose! It was such an incredible specimen. Afterwards, I determined that it didn’t deserve to be eaten or displayed as a trophy. So I gave it a respectable burial in a never-to-be-disclosed location. I have pictures, but they’re pretty gruesome and would likely inflame animal rights activists, so I have [...]

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    One surefire way to know when the government is BS-ing you is when there’s “bipartisan” agreement and acceptance. (Rush Limbaugh has even congratulated Obama for killing OBL). More examples of “bipartisan” agreement and acceptance. Saddam was an “imminent threat”. Social Security is “part of the deficit”. Globalization is a “win-win”. Tax-cuts create jobs. It’s ok [...]

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