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  • mikeyhemlok commented on the blog post Lindsey Graham Dodges A Big Gay Bullet

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    Here’s he bad news, Trixie. The van was full of likkered up South Carolina youth who know exactly what to do with your kind, and that tends to involve things like tire irons, baseball bats and boots…

  • As long as I live, I will never understand why he didn’t buy his cocaine in the Hollywood hills. That shit is as pure as a Klan rally in Lexington. Instead, he apparently availed himself of the crap they bring in through TJ and sell on the streets in South Central, and whaddaya know, that shit’ll kill ya deader than Sarah Palin’s intellect…

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    Good heavens.

    Fit for a king. Or perhaps a Quarterback…

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    Hey! I’ve learned a great deal of valuable life-lessons from Ray Lewis.

    For example, NEVER hang on to incriminating evidence. Do NOT hesitate to destroy it, even if it is a REAL nice white suit, if it’s covered in your victim’s blood, into some nameless dumpster it goes! Or, when it comes to murder, use a knife – no traceable ballistics or purchase record, complete deniability (see Simpson, OJ).

    Also, too, if you get away with murder, be quite vocal in your thanks to god that you are living a great life making millions rather than rotting in prison like regular (black) folks…

  • Frankly, I’d support about anybody who will piss on Netanyahu’s leg….

  • mikeyhemlok commented on the blog post The First Rule Of Slap Fight Is: ‘Not In The Face’

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    And who is going to read this claptrap? People who already believe “the left” is something to be feared and loathed.

    And how many minds will be changed by these idiotic revelations? Not even one. The point is not to contribute to the discourse, but rather to generate income from the rubes, and the rubes will once again rush (sorry) to accommodate…

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    Biden’s also talking about working around the incredibly stupid and venal Tiahrt Amendment. This is going to be fun…

  • mikeyhemlok commented on the blog post Dear Mr. Gun Fantasy

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    So, if I understand the timeline here, the killer was already disarmed before our heavily armed local hero shows up, ready to shoot it out with…someone.

    Seriously, gun folks, we could clear this whole thing up in no time. Just publish a list of the documented cases in, say, the last 25 years where a legally armed civilian stopped or prevented a violent crime.

    ‘Cause so far I just see you guys making shit up…

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    The implication, however, after Gates and Panetta, is that there are no Democrats in DC who can be trusted to run the Pentagon. That the BEST we can do is find a Republican with non-insane foreign policy opinions. Even if he’s a good short-run choice, it just creates a bigger long-term problem.

    I’m pretty sure he could have found equivalent experience and ideology in a Democrat without the domestic policy baggage and terrible party optics. It’s not like he’s avoiding a confirmation fight with Hagel…

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    He’s a Republican. He’s always been a mouthpiece for movement conservatives. He does NOT belong in Obama’s cabinet, despite the currently trendy enemy-of-my-enemy justifications. He’s a combat vet with a functioning brain, so he sees war for what it is – what, Obama couldn’t find a qualified Democrat who knows going to war for the fucking hell of it is both a moral AND a functional disaster.

    How is it at the very moment that American politics became more ideologically polarized than ever before Barack Obama decided to be “post-partisan”?

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    We’re sobbing about 200 Billion dollars in revenue here – about 0.3% of GDP. In exchange Obama got numerous tax credits for the lower brackets and another year of emergency UI funding. When you’re essentially extending the Bush tax cuts for 98% of the population, both the 250K and 450K thresholds are political and arbitrary. So he essentially gave away NOTHING to protect real people in the real world (like, well, ME f’rinstance) right now.

    I see nothing but win…

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    It’s fascinating. They only way to conclude that Obama made a crappy deal is to agree with the premise that the deficit represents an immediate, short-term crisis and MUST be reduced NOW NOW NOW.

    Now, most of us on the reality-driven side of ideology recognize that unemployment and weak economic demand are the immediate short-term problems, and with low inflation and negative interest rates the deficit is something that can be addressed over the longer term.

    Both things cannot be true, so sacrificing revenue for UI funding and tax credits was the right fiscal decision – for Obama to have betrayed progressive principles those principles would have to be exactly the same as Paul Ryan’s….

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    Kim Jong-un sideboob shots…

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    I’d be ok with Ms. Fluke, but my personal choice for Person of the Year is Pussy Riot.

    Because, well, Pussy Riot…

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    Dood ought just be thankful he’s not a European poll-watcher.

    Those fuckers are going straight to the slammer, because, well, something something FREEDOM…

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    Absolutely, and we know this because it would only be in Happy Gumdrop Fairy-Tale Land that the Giants would bring home two World Series championships in the space of three years.

    Hey. Waitaminute.

    I do SO live there!!!

  • Because let’s face it, if it turns out that Nate Silver has The Math, that would mean the little gonif stole it from Karl Rove…

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    And the Chargers might even be playing a team they can beat.

    Maybe. As in we’ll see.

    I can envision an alternative scenario, but it’s probably too much fun to expect it to actually happen…

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    Speaking of Joss Whedon, I think it would be entirely worthwhile if you took a couple minutes and got Sarah Michelle Gellar a decent series again. I kinda miss checking her out every week…

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    Yes. A so-called budget plan without budget specifics is utterly specious, and should never be taken seriously.

    C’mon, dood. How stupid do you think we are?

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