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    “And all we will have accomplished is the interregnum before the next one.”

    Inspiring activism at its finest, Mr. Turk.

    This is a gripe I continually have with lefty ‘blogs. So many are willing to adopt the narrative of the other side, either as sarcasm, or as simply mourning the end of an American democratic process. It’s much easier to write a post following the narrative being handed to you, in this case by the NRA. Thanks, NRA, for a handy narrative!

    Please be disruptive.


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    So let’s see….

    Italian intelligence led to the story that Iraq was buying Nigerian yellowcake, despite the best efforts of Joe Wilson and outed CIA agent Valerie Plame.

    Now Italian intelligence leads to the story that there are Islamics in Cuba ready to invade or something.

    This non-coincidence leads me to two thoughts: 1) Some journalist should figure out how they’re connected, and 2) Maybe Bachmann really does have some powerful allies.

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    Brooks: “Many Democrats are predisposed to want more government spending. So they pick up on the one current they think can be cured with more government spending: low consumer demand. Increase government spending and that will pump up consumer spending.” David Brooks is predisposed to trying to appear clever so he can keep his phoney-baloney [...]

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    If you won’t support the protest even though it is peaceful and just, and you won’t do it because you’ve prejudged the protestors, then you are unAmerican.

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    Romney doesn’t care if *you* think corporations aren’t people. He only cares that the *uninformed* see that some guy in a position of public responsibility thinks it’s a valid argument.

    Because very, very soon, this opinion will be put to the test to an even greater degree than has happened already.

    Really, however, the video is a dial-back to a strawman. No one is saying that businesses aren’t comprised of people, despite Romney’s lie that they are.

    It’s very simple: While corporations are run by people, they come into being through an act of the state. The state can also disband corporations. Is this Mitt Romney’s vision of humanity? That human beings can be created and destroyed by the state?

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    “…but it is really an indictment of not just our politics but our media’s coverage of climate change.”

    No. It’s an indictment of our *society.*

    We will kill the planet because the lie is comfortable.

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    Friends of mine used to work at Whole Foods. They called it the Food Hole.

    But I dislike going there because it’s identity shopping. You’re supposed to care about so much, and if you don’t, you don’t belong. It’s the worst of ‘liberalism,’ though I’d hesitate to say that Whole Foods is ‘liberal.’ It’s simply a big giant grocery chain in yoga pants, as the video says. If you don’t fit the marketing, you don’t fit.

    The area where I live has a real actual local/organic-foods co-op grocery chain. I go there instead. Gettin’ real in the PCC parking lot!

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    “… the fact that going with progressive policy would have almost always also been the better political choice.”

    The ‘better political choice’ depends on who one serves. That is, everyone knows the Dems will screw it up, so therefore they can serve the insurance lobbyists who come knocking. Then they can blame the Republicans and the nascent (at the time) teabaggers (remember when they called themselves that?)

    The point is that politics is not about what’s good. It’s about what deal you can make. The only deal in town is the one that has the huge bag of money attached. It’s no wonder that Obama chose the bag of money, or the power threats, or whatever they finally hit him with that caused him to cave.

    And cave he did.

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    spidermonkey, what you fail to realize is that in many ways our economic system is all about the lowest common denominator. Right now in the US, the lowest common denominator is that the rich have nothing to lose by stealing from everyone else. That’s the lowest devil at the moment (as opposed to the highest angel). The rich have nothing to lose. They robbed us and nearly collapsed the world economy in the process. And they got away with it. So they have nothing to lose and the theft will continue until they begin to have something to lose.

    The point of this post, as I see it, is that soon, the poor and middle-class will realize that they also have nothing to lose. And when that happens, it will be a revolutionary moment. For realz. And do we really want that?

    Personally, I’m amazed that it hasn’t reached the throwing-cobblestones-on-Wall-Street stage yet. The illusion of upward mobility and faith in other people is all that’s keeping that from happening. What will happen when this faith is betrayed, and the illusion shattered?

  • Just around the time-frame depicted in Happy Days, the Chinese were having their Great Leap Forward. They had people like Ben Shapiro reinterpreting Chinese culture, promoting only material which was ‘revolutionary,’ and condemning culture which was ‘counter-revolutionary.’ If you doubt this interpretation, re-read this: “Larry Summers has amply debunked such nonsense – it’s leftist utopian thinking at its finest, fostered with your tax dollars.” Yes, feminism and leftist utopianism are, of course, clearly completely debunked by the guy who got canned from Harvard for arguing with Cornel West.

    Anyway…. The reason ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Sesame Street’ and all those other shows were/are ‘liberal’ is because they addressed issues in relatively complex ways, with an eye towards beneficial outcomes for everyone. According to the modern conservative movement, such ideas are heresy; we’re supposed to already know who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy, because, well… We just *know,* and it’s never us who’s the bad guy.

  • It’s time for the corporate death penalty against Galen Capital, LLC in California. See 1801 a 3:

    1801. (a) The Attorney General may bring an action against any
    domestic corporation or purported domestic corporation in the name of
    the people of this state, upon the Attorney General’s own
    information or upon complaint of a private party, to procure a
    judgment dissolving the corporation and annulling, vacating or
    forfeiting its corporate existence upon any of the following grounds:
    (1) The corporation has seriously offended against any provision
    of the statutes regulating corporations.
    (2) The corporation has fraudulently abused or usurped corporate
    privileges or powers.
    (3) The corporation has violated any provision of law by any act
    or default which under the law is a ground for forfeiture of
    corporate existence.


  • “Sarah Palin’s Plan For [Anything]“….

    Why do we care, again?

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    Feds may think it’s such an open-and-shut case that they can make a political demonstration that the federal government provides better justice than the state. That would really suck if they thought that, because even if they didn’t, Bill O’Reilly will say it anyway.

  • If anyone ever tells you that conservatism is a big tent and welcomes all, point them to this article.

  • Quoth: “The conservative philosophy about the role of government has transitioned into an active effort to realize a self-fulfilling anti-government prophesy.”

    This is the wrong way to look at it. There have always been two elements to the ‘conservative’ movement: The first is the small business owner, or middle-class person who thinks that they shouldn’t have to pay as much in taxes. This is the origin of the ‘get government off our backs’ populist movement, and though they may just be selfish, they do have a point sometimes. The other is the fat-cat elite who is very happy to hear this cheering from the lower classes about reduced regulation and lower taxes. If the elite can convince the populist that lowering taxes and regulation on multinational corporations is exactly the same as lowering taxes and regulation on mom-and-pop’s-corner-malt-shop, then the elite wins this game by playing to the populists.

    We’re at a point, however, when the elites have won so completely that the whole economy is precariously balanced on the whims of a few commodities traders in New York, and the play money they’re using was borrowed from foreign countries.

  • Conservatives often make fun of liberals for being ‘light in the loafers’ or some such nonsense, but it seems clear to me that they’re the ones who hate women.

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    Part of the problem with education is that it’s so completely tied to class that you can’t talk about it in any meaningful way in America. We don’t like to think of upper and lower classes here, but when you talk about the problems of education, you mean the problems of education for those in [...]

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    Joe Miller sez that whether or not I’m gay is a state issue.

    WTF is that supposed to mean?