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    I was looking at President Obama in “The European Colony on The Hill” call The state of Israel. He is kissing their ass, as my friend from The West Africa country of Serra leon said when observing her fellow African placating someone on a job we had as contract pharmacists. I believe after that encounter she never looking at him the same way.He told her she did not understand and that she hadn’t been here long enough.
    What missing in that crowd of experts are some truth tellers. Just like the woman who said when ask about George Bush “The Dimer” Administration, her respond was that “she could run the country better from her kitchen table than that group in Washington”. The two state solution has past it alloted time long time ago. BiBi and Obama are lying to each other as well as The crazies over there as well as back home in America. No body want to tell the crazies that boat or dream is long gone. As for the New Reporters, Patrica “Peppermint Patty” Reichardt like to say “you are a fool Chuck Todd”. I put him in the same category as that gnome Woltz Blitzer at CNN.

  • I sick and sick and tired of The Clintons.Remember[exp.DADT,DOMA,NAFTA
    ,The Violent Control Act of 1994 ,"I did not have sexual relationship with that woman"and The Repeal Of Glass-steagall Act The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 ]. They did all of this when they were young. The people from crazy town on The Right are at least getting them some young crazies. We on the so-called Left holds on to our old crazies like herpes simplex or STD.Some of us on The Left are not trying to put lip stick on new pigs, just liptick on old hogs who need a diaper change and who fail to get their nap or who suffers from dementia and forgot to take their medications.I for one demand some young crazies on the left if we can not get Ashley Judd to run. Please God No more Clintonian Refugees!

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    I guess Colin POwell is still wallking around say “I support President Obama” with that fake ass vial of Anthrax(white) powder in his pocket that was on display at The United Nation in February 2003.What can we say about Dick Cheney, who is a known unforgiven war crimanal. He got a get of jail free [...]

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    I do not blame John of Orange and his crazy team of “Merry Women and Men”. They remind me of the 1980 Lipps Inc song “Funky Town”. Just replace the word funky with crazy and you have “The Right” fighing song. Every time you hear them speak , just say to yourself that they are trying to take you to”Crazy Town”.It also can be use as a catch all phrase around the office or your place of work. What we have to worry about is these “Holy Bastards Of the bleeding mouth” or our so-call side. The sguiggly chalk lines reveal where their ideas and beliefs lay down to die without much of a struggle.

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    There is a guitar playing some where in America to a tune of a song that is reduce to the absurd. Why all of this dust up about The North Korean Dictator and his new best friend forever? Is it because he wearing platform shoe from the 70′s ? They are not Prada. I must [...]

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    Have The Three Supremes formed their own Racist and Bigotry Club?Enquirnig minds like to know will Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Crack Corn return to Philadelphia Mississippi in is klan attire to be joined there by Justice Fat Tony Antonin Scalia with his “Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet Plan” and Justice Ruckus Clarence Thomas(the only know Black member of KKK) . The three suspects can be place in spirit if not body on the night of June 21–22, 1964, Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner were threatened, intimidated, beaten, shot, and buried by The Mississippi White Knights of The Ku Klux Klan.Since Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Conners of Birmingham, Alabama have died and now probably The High Sheriff of Hell,the Three Supremes have choosed Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County as the new
    conservative project. Some in the court have sweared they heard Justice Rukus Clarence Thomas humming that “He didn’t want to be a Negro any more” as he fumble with a rope under the bench and daydream about a visit with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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    Yes the elephants did help invent “The elephant Gun”. We also can credit the great pachyderm hunter and progressive Theodore Roosevelt for their mascot demise because the elephant had the temerity to walk out in front his gun. I also remember seeing this I believe in a movie, ” My girlfriend is an animal-rights activist. The other day she saw a
    woman walk by in a full-length fur coat. She ran up to her and said,
    “Do you know how many animals had to die for that coat?” The woman
    said right back to her, “Do you know how many animals I had to screw
    for this coat?”That my three pennies and dime worth of sarcasm in my slow walk to the grave.

  • We saw a trailer of New version of the old movie The Replacement Killers last week. I have not figured out the movie for this week. I sure some of you have a good idea.

  • I guess the crazies that are holling ”they are coming for our guns”point is mute.The government can just drop a bomb on them and make up the rules up as they go along The Philadelphia Police Department forgot about The V and XIV Amendments in 19885 when they drop a bomb on people in the middle of a block that killed 25 people and destroyed about 65 houses. I guess they didn’t need any so-called Memo or White Paper. Just the other day our President was saying that” them use to be us”in a speech on immigration . The Philadelphia Police is still arguing that the”them never became us”. My government have not change . The serving the same soup with difference spoons on a gobal scale.

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    Mitah Kurtz as been passing his brand of “shit on stick”as jounalism for years.

  • Someone should give Lindsay Graham Cracker a keeber elf or that electric eel that keeps crawling up Chris Mathews legs. Maybe he would stop reliving his life as the high school drama queen in The Senate. As for “Johnny Short Arms McCain, Chuck should asked him about what made him become a snitch in the Vietnam War. So “Johnny Short Arm” Mccain became hero because he could take and ass wipping or because his daddy was a four star admiral.Only in a America can one screw up and still be US Senator or President.Yes I calling you out too Duby.We have spend enough US Treasure on “Johnny Short Arm” McCain. He needs to get some where and sit his old irrelevant ass down.

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    I do not want to sound trite ,but what did he think he was joining when he sign up for The CIA. These people have kill people you know about and a helluva allot of people you do not know about.The so called Whistleblower Proctection Act is akin the The MoB Snitching Act pass by [...]

  • I guess the shining American and European Colony on the hill called Isarel is suffering from Solipsism syndrome.

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    They haven,t gotten over thier Slavery issues,Women Issues, Imigrants issues, Homophopia issues,Xenophoobia issues, and thousand other things that bogle the mind . If God is drinking, I have what he is having.

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    This is starting off as one helluva weeK. First my brother died on this pass Sunday, then I come to this site form some comfort only to find one of my favorite blogger is gone. May he return peaceful to the God of the universe.

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    Now we we know why he hates Romney. When President Obama looks in the mirrors, the reflection of this epic tale is that of Mitt Romney.

  • The problem with Obama and the Democrats is their base. You will see in the coming months how pissed the people on the left really are.This not going to turn out good for him or his enablers. Most of the people who thinks they have a personal relationship with Our President. Once they discover that this not their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but just another lying politician ,then you see a complete smackdown by the old and young.

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    The 800 lbs. gorilla in the room in America is Hate Radio and Television. They do not want to do any thing about that because to much money is envolve. This is another one of The Great Emancipator great ideas. The Vermins Of Intrigue/The democrats will past some bull shit and call it a win, [...]

  • I gusse it’s very hard to say good by to yesterday. They just tucked away “The New Slavery Act” in the “US VISA PROGRAM” all in the name progress.

  • who said vampaires are real. Those two sons of the undead should have their coffins reprosessed or exposed to directed sunlight.

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