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  • The legal scholars who have commented on this case have a completely different take than this author. Without expressing pro or con views to the ACA, they are all in agreement that, as written, the section of the law this deals with is so poorly worded as to be unenforceable. A technicality causes the subsidies to be illegal, and lawyers LOVE technicalities. The ruling merely reinforces the adage “justice is blind.”

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    The only reason Gov. Voldemort signed this legislation is his horrible poll numbers coming into an election. Charlie “The Tan Turncoat” Christ is polling ahead of him. A political animal with somewhat fluid ideology trying to unseat the Tea Partying Medicare fraudster and thief for the right to govern one of the most corrupt state legislatures in history. Florida has never had such poor choices.

  • I think it is much less a pro-dope crusade than an anti-stupid crusade. Dowd is obviously trying to make a case against marijuana through anecdotal evidence of her own irresponsible behavior. In her poorly written opinion piece, in addition to her ill conceived experiment, she cites the half-true story of a marijuana user who shot his spouse and child, neglecting to mention that the shooter was also on powerful prescription meds at the time.

  • I trust Zuckerberg no more than I trust the telecommunications giants. The technology currently available and currently denied to us is astounding. The stranglehold on the industry will not be relieved as long as there is more profit in controlling what we, the people have access to.

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    Thumbnail 60,000 absentee ballots were sent out from Palm Beach County, FL with a heading error making machine tabulation impossible; the heading in question concerns the merit retention of Supreme Court and District Court Judges whom the Republican Party of Florida is actively lobbying to replace. The ballot in Camp County, TX has the incorrect party [...]

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