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    Best wishes on the surgery, Jane, and know that there usually light at the end of this tunnel. My wife got a new hip joint five weeks ago yesterday and has been weaning herself off of the walker this past weekend. She’ll still use it out of doors, however, considering the slippery surfaces this time of year. The joint replacement institute that did the job started her on the physical therapy 3 weeks before the operation, and that was a considerable benefit. They taught us the exercises and I became the designated coach, or slave-driver as she occasionally muttered early on when the pain was still challenging. She’s visibly improving every day. Here’s hoping you have a similar experience.

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    A nuanced post on a situation that can be seen only through a glass darkly. Thank you. Shortly after Ratzinger announced his resignation I checked David Yallop’s In God’s Name out of the library. It had been on my reading list for years and it seemed like an appropriate time to get around to it. The book is a biographical essay on the life and very likely unnatural death of one Albino Luciani, otherwise known as Pope John Paul I. The initial PR on Bergoglio bears considerable resemblance to the author’s description of Luciani, in terms of his personal piety and inclination to eschew the more ostentatious trappings of the office, but not with regard to his openness to rethinking some of the more controversial social positions of the church, specifically birth control. Luciani was signalling that he viewed Humanae Vitae as a disaster for the authority of the church. But what may well have been his death warrant was his determination to chase the corrupt money changers from the temple. Late in the afternoon of the day before he was found dead at dawn Luciani had made it known to his holdover Secretary of State that that is exactly what he would announce the next morning, among numerous other things, one of which was to be the name of the new Secretary of State. As we know Luciani did not wake up the next morning and Cardinal Villot, that same SoS, saw to it that no one would find out whether or not the death was of natural causes with an efficiency that would have been the envy of the Warren Commission. Luciani’s successor must have received the message since he reappointed the deeply corrupt American bishop then overseeing the Vatican’s finances and later even promoted him to archbishop. Ratzinger didn’t do much on this front either. In all of the press bloviations about the church’s problems and the new pope I’ve seen very little regarding the financial scandals that have been endemic since the papacy of Paul VI. We’ll see if any such changes are on Francis I’s agenda, and if so if he lives long enough to make it happen.

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    As long as the Democratic Party at the federal level continues to ignore the economic interests of the working class and all but the top veneer of the middle class, the Republicans will continue to control the majority of the state legislatures and thus the US House. The vast, non-partisan middle is well aware they’re being screwed over and will stay home on election days unless the Dems manage to convince enough of them that the GOP presidential candidate is crazy and/or evil in comparison to the tool of the elites the DLC stands up. But like 2010, mid-term elections will continue to be Democratic turnout disasters as far as the eye can see.

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    Ah, yes. Bradlee Dean as chaplain for the day, giving the invocation. When that happened, I knew the Republicans’ days in control of the state legislature were numbered.

    They’ll be back though. Once Obama has completed his task of trashing any appeal the Democratic Party has for the working and middle classes, 2014 will be a repeat of 2010. Citizens United bucks will get out the GOP vote and induce the useful idiots the DLC Democrats formerly could count on to vote with their butts by sitting on them on election day.

  • Also, in Minnesota, the Constitutional amendment that would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman was defeated. Including ballots that were blank on the issue (which count as “No” votes) the margin was about 14,000 votes out of over 2.9M cast. The voter ID amendment also lost and by a bigger margin, which was unexpected.

  • Maybe now they will put children first.

    Why, yes! In the sense that they’ll do everything in their power to assure that there are as many more of them as possible in this already-overpopulated world. And yes, in the sense that those who are born to or adopted by gay people won’t have the benefits of a legally institutionalized family.

  • Pending appellate outcomes, retirement won’t be a problem now.

  • Per Abigail Caplovitz Field in a Naked Capitalism post earlier today, it’s not gambling at all. That is, unless you’re so rude as to point out the fact that we taxpayers are on the hook for the losses.

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    Check out JFK and the Unspeakable http://amzn.to/IN2zxZ

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    IIRC, the Iroquois was a confederation of half a dozen or so different tribes (Seneca, Mohawk, etc.). Were they all matrilineal or just some of them?

    PS: Great post, Peterr

  • From Science AGOGO: “Empirical evidence for homophobia’s link to repressed same-sex attraction”


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    One of the great “might-have-beens” of the 2012 political cycle could have been a challenge by Eliot Spitzer for the Democratic nomination for president. It could have been a battle for the what little is left of the soul of the party, and could also have launched a long-needed discussion of the relationships public vs. private morality in the 21st century USA. If Spitzer were able to play it right he could have used the personal foibles that led to his fall from public grace as a platform for a critique of the rampant public immorality we see pervasive on Wall Street and inside the beltway. John Dean has pulled this sort of thing off in recent decades, and Spitzer by making a play for the nomination might have garnered a bigger spotlight. This all assumes, of course, that the mainstream media would have given him the time of day, which it almost certainly wouldn’t have. What coverage he would have gotten would have emphasized the afore-mentioned foibles to justify the disregard of the substance. It’s understandable that Spitzer didn’t go this route, considering the distress it would have caused to himself and his family.

  • The problem is much deeper than just the Citizens United decisions. In his powerful new book, Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress–and a Plan to Stop It Larry Lessig does an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon he labels “Dependence Corruption,” and the many ways it distorts legislative action away from the interests of the people in favor of special interests. He argues persuasively that the chances of this present system being changed from within (i.e. by Congress itself) are vanishingly small, and that the most promising of the other alternatives available is a set of Constitutional Amendments originated by a Constitutional Convention which proscribes the participation of sitting elected and politically-appointed federal office holders. This book is a Must Read for anyone who cares about the future of democratic government in the USA.

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    Done that twice in the last three months with $$$ appeals from OFA, or whatever it’s called this week. Both times I included a note saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” It felt good.

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    Actually I spent a lot of time in 2008 volunteering on the Ashwin Madia campaign for the 3rd CD seat being vacated by Jim Ramstad. And looking back, that is about when my posting here began to drop off. I also enthusiastically supported Obama that year, although I didn’t formally work on OFA. Now, needless to say, I regret the latter although I’m skeptical that Hilary would have been much better. I’ve become quite cynical about the Democratic Party once you get above the state leg level, at least here in MN.

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    Waves Back!!

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    Life, I guess. Young grandchildren, remodeling a kitchen from the floor up, helping the wife in her business and through her health issues. I’ve been lurking here pretty frequently but I guess I haven’t posted much, have I? It’s good to be remembered.

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    Ditto on Infinite Jest, Joanie. But I made it 300 and some pages in before bogging down in the swamp of the Year of Depends.

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    When I went to the MIC at 50 website and checked out the Speakers list, I was disappointed that it included no one from the military reform movement that has been around for over thirty years now. I’m pretty sure that people like Winslow Wheeler, Pierre Sprey, Chet Richards and Tom Christie would have welcomed [...]

  • Oh my! What a nice, big, brown and gooey turd to hit the fan.

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