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  • mirele commented on the blog post Jesus Of Galt’s Gulch

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    I have a couple of Rick Warren’s employees who follow me on the twitter machine, so I’ve been sending out some annoyed tweets regarding Warren this morning. In fact, for me, Rick Warren is now the profit of Ayn Rand.

  • mirele commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    The hounds are looking good!

  • mirele commented on the blog post God-botherer calls collect

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    In defense of the Bidens and of little Ricky–I make some claimable charitable contributions but don’t deduct them on my tax return because they’re negligible. Moreover, because our system of public welfare is so awful, and I have family members and friends who are unemployed/broke/weighed down by bills etc., etc.–I send people money when they need it. Due to the evil economic conditions, that tends to be more than in years past. None of this is tax-deductible, yet it’s a significant chunk of my income. I remember when I didn’t have anything and people helped me, and I try to return the favor as best I can. I’m probably killing my retirement, but, dammit, people need the money now.

  • mirele commented on the blog post Sarah Palin’s Hit List

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    Sarah Palin can kiss my fat pasty white ass, before she goes off into well-deserved oblivion. I live here in Arizona and we don’t need this. This is horrifying.

  • mirele commented on the blog post My Friend, An Hero, The Captain, Sean Carasov is Dead

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    My condolences, Lisa.

    RIP Sean.

    From one of the Old Guard.