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    Now that they’re insisting on doubling down on their LACK of academic integrity,…. that’s what I want to know: which one of the Petey gang is paying them to commit this academic fraud?

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    From HuffPost Article:

    With that paragraph, Rogoff and Reinhart argue that although their work has been politicized, they are not political. “We resent the attempt to impugn our academic integrity,” they write later on in the three-page appendix.

    Excuse me???? WHAT ACADEMIC INTEGRITY??? You have none left! Did no trusted academic collegue check your work? Review [...]

  • I can no longer see this “Kabuki” stuff as any different than what often appeared on TV during the J Edgar Hoover days. To call Brennan a thug, purpetuates his image as scary terrifying and shocking. To call him another J Edgar stamps it with the tawdry label it deserves.

  • Something to repeat over and over …. to smear it into the ground: The Grand Bargain is a Grand Lie: we don’t have a government debt problem, we have a public investment and jobs problem.

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    I guess I’m confused: On the one hand they’re saying marriage equality is corrupting the whole darned country and heterosexual families are falling apart and everyone is falling into sin because of this marriage equality ickyness. But here, on the other hand, commercial actress “Kelly ‘I’m-Pure-and-you’re-not’ Yanta” says in this video that there’s only a less than a 10th of a percent for whom this change in law would have any meaning.

    More like a “Marriage Madness Minute” than a “Minnesota Minute”

    Oh wait! I get it! They’re trying to confuse us with this cognitive disonance and then…. I don’t know… prove they can be clever with alliteration? Whatever.

  • Before Clyburn goes means testing the elderly who have already paid for their social security benefit, he should think strongly about means-testing the rich to pay their share of taxes that they haven’t paid for the last 10 years!

    There’s some means testing!

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    I still remember Bush I and the incredibly clear sense I had that he did NOT want to be President for a second term. He ran. He said he wanted to be elected. He made all the right moves, but there was that something about the underlying spirit of what he was doing that gave me the strong sensation that a second term would just be a bother to him.

    Similarly, We We ill Know By The End Of This Month if Obama really wants a second term. He’ll collect all the campaign cash. He’ll make all the appearances. He’ll say the right words. But if he doesn’t really want it, I (and maybe you) will get the sense that he doesn’t want the second term.

  • But he did it by saying, “If you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit, let your Member of Congress know. If you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message.”

    Yea, visions of sugar-plums dancin’ in my dreams, for example…

    Obama: “Come-on in to the “compromise” pool; the water’s nice!”

    Me: Soooooo…. President FU [, Progressives], how’s the balancey-compromisey-hopey-changey thing working for ya!

    You can bet I’ve BEEN writing my Congress people, but not for what HE’s suggesting!

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    The president reportedly remarked to the House leaders, “Eisenhower wouldn’t have sat here like this.” That’s precisely the point….
    [This is what I find so truly wonderful about blog reporting, the choicest juiciest quotes get pulled from places I never had time to read: "Eisenhower wouldn't have sat here like this." So he does have an awareness of historical context --- and yet a blind spot to Eisenhower enforcing 90% income tax rates on the rich. The ironies of this kind of quote makes me smile. The Obama-pod "we know best" attitude is getting closer and closer to the banana peel.] …There comes a moment when his sitting there while the Republican leaders bicker and talk their talking points turns into an outright offense to the Office of the President. It’s up to Obama to set things right. [But he doesn't see that the offenses are being committed against the office; perhaps then, what he thinks is that they are being committed against him and that's fair play. THAT says something interesting. We find out more each day about what goes on in Obama's head: On the one hand: "I know best", on the other hand "I'm not good enough to escape abuse."]

  • If you care about making investments in our kids, and making investments in our infrastructure, and making investments in basic research, then you should want our fiscal house in order so that every time we propose a new initiative, somebody doesn’t just throw up their hands and say “more big spending, more government.”

    Face it! this is just a nice way of saying: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

  • And here in Minnesota where the Republicans (supported by ALEC … and it’s members like MillerCoors) have shut down the government because they don’t want to raise taxes on only 7000 of the wealthiest Minnesotans…

    Miller Coors will have to start pulling it’s product off the shelves because it failed to renew it’s “vendors” license before the state offices shut down.

    Ooooohhhh dear! That’s tooo bad! Think of all the money they spent just to loose a lot of money in one of their biggest markets.

  • What does that say they want for their own constituents?

    Every time an acquaintance says, “What are those Republicans thinking!???” my response is automatic. “It’s all about cheap labor; it’s always been about cheap labor.”

  • ah-HA! I figured it out!


    Our Good Ol’ T.P.(awwwwww) isn’t really running for president.

    No, HE’s angling for a chair on the Philadelpha Orchestra Association Management Team.

    And Daryl Issa too! (Performance based — my typing pinkies!)

    Daryl and Timmy sitting in a tree
    Thinking up ways to be as evil as they can be.

    Good ol’ Timmy, the Minnesota Amiable Prick.

    Meet him on the street in a snow storm and you’ll end
    up in a snowdrift and he’ll be down the block at the bar
    warming up…. with our wallet.

    (I better quit now, before I really get livid…)

  • It would be nice if some reporter would ask one of these clowns if — in light of recent events — they’ve had second thoughts about this.

    … and Dana Rohrabacher … and such.

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    The dissatisfaction with the likely GOP field …is growing more audible in the House and Senate.

    [sigh!] Then why in hell don’t they and Obama just come out of the closet and nominate Obama????

    Then we can have a REAL Democratic Party.

  • Scott Walker may be Koch Brothers’ man, but Obama is Bob Ruben’s man.

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    Question: You say: “The point is that we have a health care problem. If we don’t fix our health care system, then our economy will be in serious trouble, with one problem being large budget deficits. If we do fix our health care system, then there is no long-term deficit problem.” So can I guess [...]