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    I agree with what you’re saying here. Unfortunately, as a society we only want to look at how we can “solve” the problem of violence as opposed to having a serious dialogue about a hyper-militarized and violent culture. I would only quibble with the characterization of our nation being neurotic. I think we’re well past [...]

  • This is the PC police at it’s most ugly.

    Cynthia Nixon is a lesbian. She’s with a woman, she expresses no interest in being with a man again. That means she’s living a lesbian lifestyle, not a bisexual one.

    But somehow, in expressing her own experience of her sexuality she “muddies the waters.” The suggestion that she must admit to really being bisexual or she somehow brings down the whole gay movement by describing herself as a person who made a positive life choice to be a lesbian, is insulting. What gives anyone the right to sneer upon her choices and her experiences?

    The enemies of the gay community don’t need any excuse for their bashing. The only ammunition they need is that gay people exist at all – they don’t care if it’s a choice or not!

    How many actors and actresses stay in the closet? Ms. Nixon had the guts to come out and in doing so serves as a role model to struggling gay teenagers. Let her live her life and make the statement about her coming out experience in a way that stays true to who she honestly is. More than anything, the hate mongers are enjoying the side show of watching the gay community attack one of their own for being the “wrong” kind of lesbian.

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    Margaret, you say more in seven words then you did in your longer piece above “…disturbing your perfect picture of Ron Paul.” But jimbowski stated clearly that he supports Paul “warts and all” hence clarifying that he does not view him as perfect. This distinction is important. I would not cast a vote for Ron [...]

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    I watched the video of David. What do you believe his behavior and mannerisms reveal about him? You speak of being around the homeless a lot. I believe it’s blinded you to the fact that the homeless are not a monolith but they are people, just like you and me, who don’t have homes and [...]

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    Well greybeard, let’s examine the facts of this particular situation with Cain. Cain has been formally accused for sexual harassment at least two times in his career. The NRA offered settlements to these women under the condition that they keep the matter confidential. Now you’ll surely argue that this doesn’t prove their allegations. You are [...]

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    Both women seem intelligent and well spoken. They knew what they were getting into when they came forward and they had the guts to do it anyway. I don’t have any advice to them, but to those who oppose these kind of disgusting and misogynistic smear campaigns I suggest making clear to anyone discussing this [...]

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    This exchange is beginning to remind me of a scene from the classic 70s sitcom, Taxi. Rev. Jim is taking the test for his driver’s permit and asks “What does a yellow light mean?” Bobby replies “Slow down.” Rev. Jim asks again “Whhhhaaatt dooeessss a yellllow liiight meeeeean?” Bobby: “Slow down!” and they go on [...]

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    Aldous Tyler is now in the running as a primary challenger to Obama, so why not throw your support behind him? There is no big name challenger and there isn’t going to be a big name challenger. Yes Virginia, the Democratic Party is rotten and corrupt to the core. Aldous Tyler is a real person [...]

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    Let me repeat myself (rolls eyes, speaks slowly…) I am not endorsing Ron Paul for the Presidency. Ron Paul stands no chance of becoming President – ever! He’s a fringe candidate, as is Jill Stein, as is Aldous Tyler. Rocky Anderson has not announced a run so right now he isn’t even a fringe candidate. [...]

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    I’m not a Ron Paul supporter, nor does anybody need to educate me to the many things wrong with his domestic platform. However, Ron Paul is the only person running for President (aside from Aldous Tyler, who is unfortunately not very well known at this stage of the game) that is willing to take a [...]

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    I was content to merely be a lurker on this discussion as I felt that your insistence that OWS make specific demands had been clearly answered by other commenters. However, your latest reply, calling upon OWS to enlist Al Gore for President is a step too far and I need to respond. I’m not going [...]

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    This diary is ultimately asking how do the Democrats take over Occupy Wall Street in the same way the Republicans took over the Tea Party? The answer is they can’t and they won’t. During the Bush years, the Democrats could function as flimsy opposition to the Republican agenda. Now the Democrats are the face of [...]

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    Thank you for sharing this. I’m very pleased to have a candidate that I can be proud to support!

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    I agree with everything you’re saying. The issue isn’t one of whether or not there should be some kind of somber reflection, it’s that no other nation would ever CELEBRATE something like 9/11, and make no mistake, this all plays out like a giant celebration of our imperial awesomeness. But I guess the war profiteers [...]

  • There are countless ways to highlight the failure of Obama’s presidency without making personal, racist attacks to your detractors. Why would you suggest that she “get over” being black and begin debating like a human? Do you have any clue as to how that sounds? At best it implies that we live in a post-racial [...]

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    I find this interesting. Could you say more about what you believe can be done?

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    Okay, I’ve consulted with Stuart Smiley and I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough and Doggone It People Like Me! I’ve turned that frown upside down!

    Now do I have enough self-confidence to protest?

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