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    And another thing! Didn’t the RWNJ try to claim the original Dark Knight film: Batman Begins as an example of their idea of a good, conservative icon? Or am I just high?

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    “The movie has been in the works for a long time, the release date has been known — summer 2012 — for a long time,”

    Yes, yes it has Rush. In fact, much longer than anyone even knew that Mitt Romney was going to be the presumptive GOP nominee for 2012. Moron.

    If “names” and their “meanings” have any effect on elections, how did a guy with the middle name “Hussein” get elected, anyway?

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    Our cats, Riley and Moondoggie, as well as Scott and myself are keeping you and Fenway in our hearts and holding onto a good thought for all of you.

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    I remember the day Nixon resigned from office. I was 9 years old. My family was in the middle of a 3 week vacation at Newport Beach, and I had made friends with the children of the family vacationing next to us. We had gone inside their rental so one of them could get their buckets and shovels for the awesome sandcastle we were going to make.

    I waited in the living room and turned my attention to the TV. The grownups were gathered around it, watching Nixon give his resignation speech. I watched too, because that’s what you did when the TV was on. When he came to the part where he admitted he had made a “few mistakes”, I indignantly shouted out “a FEW mistakes?!”

    The adults immediately cracked up, and I did too, even though I wasn’t quite sure what was so funny. My friends came back, we went outside to play, Nixon resigned, and we made the best sandcastle ever.