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  • In truth I’m a bit intrigued by her motivations on this, because of the drive by the far right conservatives to prevent same-sex marriage.

    They claim that gay men are equal already in that they, too, can marry a woman, and that gay women are equal in that they, too, can marry a man.

    How that aligns with the obvious pain and suffering caused by her having done this, and still advocating against gays leaves me wondering if they think that they can just wish away a person’s sexuality for their own needs.

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    Just wanted to offer that the F-35 seems like the USAF’s version of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (check out Pentagon Wars for more on that if you haven’t already seen it). Basically, its just another means to transfer money from a Pentagon budget to a contractor with as many opportunities as possible to actually deliver nothing (changing specs/definitions, altering projected roles, etc. mean that the aircraft never QUITE gets finished and the cost overruns drag on…).

  • Here’s an NY Times article on Costco and how they are competing effectively against Walmart & Sam’s Club…

  • Peter Suderman is full of… something. Walmart could pay itrs employees better and cover benefits at a much higher rate (witness Costco and Jim Sinegal ). One of his primary talking pooints in that twitter stream is how wonderful it is that Walmart keeps its food prices low so low income people can afford it, but they pay their people so poorly that the employees need food stamps to be able to shop there!

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    When you can’t dispute the allegation, you dispute the language used to make it.

    Now what about the allegation that he (Mitt) s spouting BS? Oh, right. He IS spouting BS, isn’t he, and the kids know it.

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    Hey All! Sorry I haven’t been around to post anything in the last year or so. I’ve been really busy with trying to get my oldest out the door to a life of his own. I stop by now and then for a read, but haven’t had much time for posting responses or commentary.

    I noticed this story in the round-up today:

    ❖ Grrrr! Darryl Hannah joined 78-year old great-grandmother, Eleanor Fairchild outside Winnsboro, TX, to protest construction of the Keystone XL pipeline through Fairchild’s 300-acre ranch. The police came and arrested both of them for trespassing–even though Fairchild was standing on her own property.

    Just thought I’d mention that while this was technically Ms. Fairchild’s property, it is being reported on the news here in TX that it was on a utility right-of-way that the actions in question took place. Not saying that it really was, or that the Keystone XL is a good thing (not by any measure that I can see), but there may be more to the story…

  • When it comes to Gov. Goodhair, the question of whether or not he can be bought is not IF, its HOW MUCH.

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    This is the same B.S that’s been pedaled in the I.T. world for most of my adult life. “The reason we need to increase the number of H1B visas is because we simply can’t find qualified workers in our required field inthe USA.” Of course, they never, ever mention that the reason they can’t find [...]

  • How do they know what is robo-signed and what isn’t? Just asking.

    Signatures that are obviously not from the same signer (e.g. – significant variations in a supposed notary’s signature) or (in the case of some of the documents) signatures from a single person claiming to be several people are a big clue, but some of the worst offenders have had their names in the news some as well. I seem to recall a case in Florida in which a single robo-signer signed for 20+ people on a single transfer document (that is, signed as if they were more than 20 separate people), but my memory could be faulty.

  • Not sure. But it’s obvious that the Rs would like Barry’s entire cabinet run by a bipartisan board. (We may get that in the second term — if there is one.)

    I can’t understand why they’d be worried about that. I have difficulty understanding how making the cabinet into a bunch of bipartisan boards of ineffectiveness would make for a more business-friendly atmosphere than what is presently in place.

  • FEC and FCC just off the top of my head, although they’re commissions, not boards. Pretty much the same thing.

    Ah, you’re correct. A pair of boards that seem to continuously be mired in so much partisan bickering that they reliably fail to do anything. Pretty much clear that this is what Shelby & the R’s seek for the CFPB as well, since they haven’t ever been in favor of anything that limits the ability of business (especially FIRE) to screw over the rest of us.

  • Just out of curiosity, are there any other bureaus that are run by a board instead of a single director, or is it just consumer financial protection that R’s are concerned about requiring special oversight?

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    Let’s say that the funding per-student is comparable to what we have in TX (which has been somewhere between $4,975 and $9,000 per student in public schools – depending on which district and numbers that were wrong when they were used originally back in ’89 and still haven’t been updated), then the worst-case scenario means that the person in the district that gets $4,975 per student per year would be worth somewhere between $2,487 and $4,478.

    For a $12,000 per year tuition at a private school (John Cooper School here in The Woodlands is getting about $15K per student for grades 1-8, by the way, so $12K is pretty reasonable as a working figure), that doesn’t QUITE cover the cost of a year’s worth of tuition. In fact, it comes up about $7,500 short. Remember, now, that the low per-student funding happens most frequently in low-income areas, so it is unlikely that the parent(s) of a student in such a district will be able to come up with an extra $833/month (only paying in months where there is actually a class being held).

    So please explain to me how a family that is already in a relatively low-income neighborhood can afford the equivalent of an extra car payment and a half per month so they don’t have to send their child to a public school?

    Please bear in mind that the price of a private school’s tuition is likely to increase as demand for the fixed number of seats in the private schools increases (standard supply & demand economics, y’know), so in fact the costs to the family will probably be well in excess of the $7500/year demonstrated above…

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    •Krugman is still shrill.

    Not shrill. Not forceful enough in arguing against the shitty record of Obama and Democrats in the last couple of years, either.

    It’s time to drop the Obama/Democrats vs. Republicans bs, Krugman, and to stop acting like Obama’s a liberal, but far too polite to fight. Obama’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing with far more in common with Republicans than the rhetoric would suggest. As the campaigning picks up, let’s get beyond the slogans and flowery bullshit rhetoric.

    Nonsense. Obama is no wolf, he’s a coyote pretending to be a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. He talks a good line, postures a bit, but when it comes down to it is afraid to fight. I don’t believe he has the principles to be an actual wolf (which would be almost something you could respect).

  • I would point out that Mike Shedlock doesn’t completely blame the homeowners for this mess. His opinion is that only 20% of the loans are in default and those are the homeowners fault for lying on their applications, falsifying income statements and the like, and that the balance of the problem is really the fault of the Fed for encouraging this sort of behavior.

    I guess he missed that part where originators were submitting applications without client signatures, falsifying income statements and proofs for borrowers and more (how else do you get a no income, no money down loan approved?)just to get the paperwork out the door so they could bundle it with other similar imperfect mortgages to be sold to the investors?

    He’s absolutely certain that the fraud was almost solely on the part of the borrowers despite the fact that we’ve had requirements in place since the mid-30s for things like proof of income and such that have simply been ignored by the originators.

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    Indeed they do. There’s a nice little graphic illustrating this at this blog. Their information is based upon data gathered by the Tax Foundation.

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    Sorry, I know its been noted, but the Bug Man is going to the Roach Motel! WOO HOO! Couldn’t possibly happen to a more deserving so-’n'-so, who worked SO HARD to make it happen!

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    Thongs & trench coats for those cooler days… :)

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    I’d prefer a teeny swimsuit day. The kind I have in mind doesn’t leave much to the imagination. They could search what little of it there was, if they REALLY wanted to, I suppose, but being as I’m a sorta largish boy (~310#), they might decide “EWWW!!!” instead… :)

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