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    Long time lurker here. Have commented 2 or 3 times over the years since first reading this site during the Plame/Fitzpatrick/Libby disaster era. I read here virtually every day, mainly because of the level and quality of information provided by your writers to anyone thirsting for knowledge of what’s going on around us.

    Peterr’s piece yesterday moved me greatly, especially with his comments about Community, and reference to Joan Chittister OSB, who is someone whose writing I’ve admired for years. I do believe Jane and Christy originally, and now so many others who write and or comment so frequently here, are indeed the architects of an ever-evolving community in the very best sense.

    Don’t comment often because a) I tend to talk toooo much , and b) am very much a technosaur who is greatly intimidated by this computer way of communicating – or not. But I do feel welcome here at the Lake, and thank you, Teddy, for the nudge you’ve given us lurkers tonite.

    Out of one more closet, so to speak. Peace.

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    Thank you, Peterr. You are someone whose opinion I always look forward to seeing – both for affirmation and inspiration.

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    A long time, daily lurker here who’s relied on the FDL Community for moral support in these times for years now.

    Thanks for the monthly option – it’s made it possible for me to sign up as a member. What a privilege to be in the same club as Norske Flamethrower, Peterr, Phoenix Woman, MsMolly, Suzanne, Demi, ecahn, et al – unnamed, only because your list is so long, but none of you less important or appreciated. Thanks to each of you, along with special thanks to Jane for giving us a place to gather for respite as well as for planning/doing battle.

    I may not be much of a swimmer, but that sitting by the fire to stay warm (-especially during Laker games!) on cool nites: that’s something else!