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  • Everything’s bigger in Alaska – the gun nuts nuttier, the right-wing wackos wackier, and I’m happy to say that the pinkos are pinker. Everybody’s got guns but only militia-affiliated secessionists hold court (literally) at the world’s northernmost Denny’s.

  • People not in Alaska may not be aware that recently a leader from the “sovereign citizens” movement and head of the Alaska Peacemaker Militia was just recently convicted of, among other things, conspiracy to murder federal law enforcement officers. One of the things that came out during the run-up to the trial is that Cox and his group would hold their own common law “trials” of these officers (and judges) in … wait for it … the Fairbanks Denny’s. He also had the Denny’s court try him on domestic violence charges (he’d been arrested for choking his wife in a moving vehicle). They found him innocent of all charges. Anyway, at least in this corner of Alaska, Denny’s is already associated with gun nuts and right-wing extremists.

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    I doubt that very much, actually, and I’m not sure that a personal attack is a particularly convincing argument. I think there are a lot of problems here, starting with the whole “trophy wife” schtick but not limited to it. I don’t think that responding to Quinn’s classism by calling the Kardashians “white trash” tends to support that the Democrats (at this point I’m just not comfortable identifying sexist, classist folks as “left”) are genuinely concerned about class issues, just as going to the sexist place tends not to support that the author actually gives two shits about women’s issues.

    Aside from your incorrect guess about my age, I’d have to say that your invitation to worry more about “real” woman-hating on the right contains several fallacies, including that I see feminism as a partisan issue. I think woman-hating is a problem, regardless of who’s the woman-hater. I’d like to think that Democrats care more about it than Republicans do but it appears to be the case that some number of Democrats (hello, Balloon Juice, hello, TBogg) are fine with woman-hating as long as it doesn’t manifest in a form that would cause women to be less likely to vote Democrat.

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    Yeah, Sally Quinn has been an ongoing source of stupidity about class issues, but presumably there’s a way to talk about that without going to the sexist place. In fact, I’m pretty sure that there could have been an at least mildly entertaining take-down without referring to her as a trophy wife and a prostitute, using sexually humiliating language, and so on. It strikes me as a problem that people who consider themselves to be on the left (and at this point I tend to see TBogg as a Democratic Party partisan, and not someone who’s got a particularly lefty view of the world) are completely comfortable using incredibly sexist language and imagery, even while complaining (rightfully) about the Republican war on women. I would hope that people wouldn’t put up with him making racist jokes or homophobic jokes and the fact that people respond to sexist “humor” by piling it deeper is pretty demoralizing.

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    Personally, I’m looking forward to a “progressive” movement in which it’s really not okay to refer to women with whom we’ve got political disagreements as bitches, prostitutes, ugly, and so on. I’m not sure that thinking that abortion rights are nifty is really that much of an offset to the daily, ongoing woman-hating that starts with TBogg and ripples out to fans who think that kind of sexism is funny.

    I used to say that if you’re sexist, classist, homophobic, racist, … then you weren’t really progressive, but I think I’ve given up that battle. Sorry not to be a “fun feminist” but geeze this kind of crap is not okay.

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    As I’m typing this from interior Alaska, we’ve got -45 temperatures outside. We are all about the bunny boots. In fact, in Alaska you’ll find wedding cakes decorated with images of bunny boots, bedazzlered bunny boots, etc. They don’t breathe and your feet can sweat like a son-of-a-gun and get really soaked, so sock changes are a necessity – probably more often down there in the tropics. They’re no longer manufactured and getting harder to find. We generally buy ‘em used.

    Sounds like you’re making the right choices for keeping people warm.

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    Hey! and well-done from interior Alaska. This is a great list. I’d add that you really can’t over-emphasize how important it is to stay dry – if you find yourself sweating get some layers off and if you’re being precipitated on get something waterproof on. Also, if you can’t afford a warm sleeping bag stuffing [...]

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    I don’t think that abortion rights are a “sexuality” issue, and I’d go further and argue that the Democrats and moderate left have pretty much dropped the ball on abortion rights, anyway. That said, yes, there’s been a shift towards focusing on identity issues and away from economics.

    I absolutely don’t want to get into a rehash on substance from the primaries, but it was striking to me, and to several friends of a similar vintage, that during last Democratic primaries when Hillary Clinton went into that bar and was doing boilermakers (sorta), a surprising number of Democrats did not recognize it as old-style union campaigning. The Democratic party is badly out-of-touch on labor issues. Some of that may be demographics but I do think it’s got very serious consequences as the middle class is obliterated by the enthusiasm for corporatist policy positions coming, now, from both major parties.

  • It’s a little jarring to see suggestions that they reach out to conservatives given that the HRC has historically been the mainstream, conformist, conservative voice of the GLBT movement. Birch was pretty much of a disaster in that regard.

  • To be clear, Murkowski has always been about bringing the big bucks home to Alaska, and she’s not a teabagger. She doesn’t like the ‘baggers and they don’t like her. I don’t think it says anything about those guys to point out that Murkowski loves those earmarks.

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    One of the more remarkable things about the lawsuit, given that once the primary was over he recanted on his “the government shouldn’t do that” and reworked it to “the federal government shouldn’t do that,” is that he went to the federal court rather than the state.

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    Hi, Mason. I took a look at that poll (I live in Alaska) and the demographics show some sampling bias. The respondents were, on average, older and more female than the Alaska population, and the poll was taken by phone. I think that rural and Native Alaskans were probably badly underrepresented, although I think you could make an argument that rural white Alaskans, at least, are less likely to vote (there’s a big GOTV effort in the villages, and the Alaska Federation of Natives endorsed Murkowski and is campaigning for her pretty hard).

    So, I think that given the demographics of the sample it probably overstates Miller’s support, but I’m not really clear on the rest. Young people seem more likely to vote McAdams but it seems to me (and this is just a guess) people without phones are more likely to vote Murkowski. But on the other hand women are overrepresented in the sample and another guess is that they’re more likely to vote Murkowski, as well (she’s positioned as the heir to Ted Stevens’s keep-the-pork-flowing role) and the poll might show more support for Murkowski than she’s actually got. I think this is actually very good news for McAdams but I’m just guessing.

  • Howdy from near Fairbanks. What actually happened here is that Dan Riehl was promoting it on his blog and one of Fagan’s callers told him about it, and Fagan jumped on the bandwagon and started pushing it on his show. A lot of the crap around Miller’s campaign is being driven by people from outside the state, and this is yet another instance of that.

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    There’s an existing “crowdsourcing” US government website ( and 44 “Challenges” posted. I participated in one and thought it was largely a fiasco. One problem was that a right-wing radio host misunderstood the question and encouraged his listeners to state their objection to national identity cards (not what the question was about) and the discussion was overwhelmed by dozens and dozens of people cutting and pasting in canned anti-government rants. I’m not sure that there actually were any good ideas submitted.