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    Over the past 6 months, I have learned, firsthand, about one of the most important roles that Medicaid plays in our country: paying the costs of long-term care for millions of elderly Americans. It isn’t that I didn’t know about this before, but, after having a parent suffer a stroke and then going through the process of applying for Medicaid to cover her nursing home care, I understand much better what kind of crisis we would be facing if Medicaid funding were drastically cut for these folks. The most important thing that this experience has taught me is that Medicaid is the ONLY option for millions of elderly, whether they are poor, or not, because nursing home care, on average, costs more than $400/day. This means that, even if you worked your entire career and saved, by today’s standards, a good chunk of money for retirement, you would run through it quite quickly at $400/day. This means that for many middle and even upper middle class Americans, the only option, in the event that they need long term care, is Medicaid.

  • My interpretation:

    “Does the increased revenue come from government taking a larger share of what the American people (read: the super-rich folks who just squandered a billion in the recent election) earn through higher tax rates (read: increasing tax rates, by a few percentage points on our lords and masters, to whom we must go crawling back, almost immediately, and beg for more money)? Or does it come as a byproduct of growing our economy (lower tax rates at the top = prosperity and ponies for everyone), energized by a simpler (lower rates for the rich), cleaner (lower rates for the rich), fairer (lower rates for the rich) tax code, with fewer loopholes and lower rates for all (especially for the super-rich, who have become obscenely wealthy over the past 30 years)?”

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    Exactly. All this discussion of cuts and no one wants to talk about simply raising the payroll deduction for SS & Medicare. With the latter, I know it isn’t that simple, because we don’t know how much Medicare is going to cost 20, 20+ years from now, when many of us will be retiring, but, surely, cutting it isn’t the solution and I am seeing firsthand, with a parent who recently suffered a stroke, what an unbelievable financial catastrophe it would be if she weren’t covered by Medicare.

  • The Voter ID laws are beyond despicable. If you ask a supporter of these laws for statistics on the actual amount of voter fraud that takes place each election, they won’t be able to give you any. If you ask them whether it’s fair to disenfranchise their fellow citizens who are elderly, don’t drive and don’t have access to a vehicle so that they can get to a DMV, they don’t want to talk about it. The GOP realizes that it will only get harder for them to win elections as our country becomes more ethnically diverse, so they are willing to do anything–voter ID laws, manipulating the electoral college (PA), or, as Arizona and Kansas threatened to do, removing a candidate altogether from the ballot–to seize power. They aren’t interested in winning over voters based on clearly outlined policy prescriptions and political philosophies–the Tea Party folks in particular seem to want to turn our elections into something more in line with what you find in Russia, or in any number of teapot dictatorships

  • Staying home last year worked out so well for all of us. You really showed those Dems and that Obama guy by letting the tea party hijack the House of Representatives and a bunch of governors mansions. They clearly got the message. Maybe next year, everyone can stay home again, so we can have GOP majorities, with significant numbers of tea partiers, in both houses, PLUS a GOP President. If you want to see Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and Maine writ large, by all means, abstain a year from now. This isn’t a scare tactic; we have all seen what Scott Walker, Jon Kasich and Rick Scott have been able to get away with in less than 1 year.

    If we all want a third party, or want to start primarying fake Dems in favor of Alan Grayson-type progressive candidates, then we need to organize now and set our sights on 2014 and 2016. In the meantime, helping the GOP take over our country again (and giving the tea party politicians even more of an opportunity to make even more of a mess than they already have) isn’t going to help anyone’s cause

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    It seems clear to me that most of the folks that visit this site regularly are either going to vote 3rd party, write in a candidate, or abstain from voting altogether in 2012. While I can’t blame any of you and I am certainly fed up with our two-party system and deeply disappointed in Obama’s performance and in particular, the utter contempt his administration has shown for the progressive left, I am also keenly aware of what will happen to our democracy if Perry takes the White House and the teabaggers gain majorities in both houses. It won’t be 4 or 8 “lost” years like we had under Bush–it will be the end of what is left of our democracy. Perhaps this is where we’re headed regardless of who gets elected, but–and call me a fool, or naive–I still hold out some hope that our future will be better with Dems in office than if we give the truly crazy tea party-dominated GOP full run of our government. It is impossible not to take for granted many of the freedoms we still enjoy as Americans. If we turn over our government to the tea party, those freedoms will be gone in a hurry. Look how quickly the tea party governors have been able to move in WI, Michigan, Ohio and Florida. By abstaining, or voting for a candidate who has no chance whatsoever of winning, you are essentially voting for our destruction. There won’t be any coming back from 4 or 8 years of tea party rule. The Dems may be in the pockets of corporate America, but they are not socially radical like today’s GOP and won’t be moving immediately to, for example, eliminate the seventeenth amendment, the EPA, or the Department of Education. The hold that corporate America has on our country may not diminish under 4 more years of Obama and Dem majorities in Congress, but you can be quite sure that our rights and the country that we know today will diminish mightily under 4 or more years of tea party rule. With respect, I beg all of you to consider this carefully before November 2012